Gato Grande sets first English-Language Comedy Series "Climax"

The story is from Mexican American writer Elena Crevello. The project is currently being shopped.

26 APR 2024

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Gato Grande–an Amazon MGM Studios company–has set their first English-language comedy series titled "Climax" from Mexican American writer Elena Crevello ("Grace and Frankie", "American Auto", "Vida"). The project is currently being shopped. "Climax" follows former party girl Alma who, after surviving a near-fatal car accident, finds herself with an unexpected ability: every time she sleeps with someone, she sees a vision of how and when that person is going to die. When she realizes that a one-night stand has only a few days left to live, Alma must decide how far she will go to save his life and how to handle her new, life-changing ability.

"Climax" is the latest project from its English-language division launched in February. It is written and produced by Crevello with co-executive producer Sergio Sancho ("Itxaso and the Sea", "Una vida una cena"), who originally developed the concept in Spain. Executive producers include Gato Grande CEO Carla Gonzalez Vargas ("Wednesday", "Luis Miguel: The Series"), and is under the creative leadership of Gato Grande VP of Film and TV Development, Megan Espinoza.

The company develops and produces premium content that amplifies Latino voices for mainstream audiences. Founded and led by Emmy-nominated producer, Carla Gonzalez Vargas, Gato Grande is a bi-cultural company based in Los Angeles and Mexico City, producing content in both English and Spanish. Prior projects include the Latin-American hit "Luis Miguel: The Series" for Netflix, which starred Diego Boneta in the titular role, and "Libre de Reír" from Prime Video.

Gonzalez Vargas praised the work of the writer: “Elena Crevello is one of the brightest voices in comedy television right now and is doing a tremendous job bringing this edgy, hilarious series to life. With a Spanish origin, Climax is another great example of the multicultural approach we have at Gato Grande," commented.