Incredible Film to globally represent "Miss Vomit and The Magical Ring"

The company secured global distribution rights to the on-screen adaption of Carry Slee's best-selling children’s book.

10 OCT 2023

"Miss Vomit and The Magical Ring"

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Dutch sales agent Incredible Film has secured global distribution rights to the on-screen adaption of the best-selling children’s book, "Miss Vomit and The Magical Ring" by Carry Slee (working title). The film, produced by AM Pictures, will join Incredible Film’s portfolio of kids’ content, along with award-winning live action film "Lioness" which will be presented at MIPJunior.

Based on Slee’s original story (Juf Braaksel), the film follows Lottie and TJ, who adore their school and their favourite teacher, Miss Evie. But when a terrible new head teacher arrives, their happy school days are turned upside down.

The film is currently in post-production and will premiere in cinemas in the Netherlands on 20th December. It was produced by AM Pictures and directed by Aram van de Rest ("Die Wache"). The scriptwriter is Michiel Peereboom ("Whitestar").

Also joining Incredible Film’s MIP Junior slate is award-winning feature film, "Lioness", coproduced by Levitate Film, The Media Brothers and Dutch public broadcaster, NTR. Bringing to focus the importance of overcoming social and cultural barriers, the film explores the character of Rosi, who has the perfect life in Suriname, South America, until her life is flipped upside down when she uproots for the Netherlands.

Featured on the slate is the live action series "Saïd & Anna", which will have its global premiere at MIP Jr. "The Infinite Slime Movie" (81’) from the Slime Movie collection, and the first film from the animated Tummy Tom collection, "Tummy Tom and The Lost Teddy Bear" (60’).

Daniëlle Raaphorst, CEO of Incredible Film says “Carry Slee’s books and films are hugely popular with her young readers. She brings these incredible characters to life (especially Miss Vomit!) and has created an imaginative universe for her fan base. We are really excited to bring Carry’s vision to the screen and explore her story with our brilliant team. Alongside the film, this year we’re delighted to share the award-winning feature, Lioness. Like much of our lineup at MIPJnr, it’s a film that reflects cultural diversity for young audiences, and the importance of respect for all.”