J2911 Media secures distribution deals for “Much More Motor M3” and “Trial and Triumph”

The new Appian Media production and auto magazine show will expand to other parts of the world, including Latin America. The announcement was made by the distributor's Head of Worldwide Acquisition, Distribution & New Project Engagement, Vivian Reinoso.


J2911 Media’s  Head of Worldwide Acquisition, Distribution & New Project Engagement, Vivian Reinoso, unveiled the company’s most recent distribution projects, which include  “Mucho Mas Moto,” “Much More Motor M3” and “Trial and Triumph.”  

“Trial and Triumph,” a new docufilm, produced by Appian Media, was created correlating the likes of “Searching For a King” and “Following The Messiah,” crafted by the same creators. “Mucho Mas Moto,” also known as “Much More Motor M3” spans three seasons and 127 30-minute episodes. The new auto magazine show will be broadcasted in Latin America by one of the cable operator channels.  

 The factual magazine focused on motors is targeted at a general family audience.The show will allow audiences to be updated with the latest news of the automotive industry in several aspects: technology, safety, ecological combustion, etc. 

“Trial and Triumph” show viewers modern-day Turkey to explore seven unique cities and examine the letter written to Christians there in the book of Revelation. Jeremy Dehut journeys through the land and speaks with Dr. Mark Wilson, a leading researcher on ancient Biblical Turkey, and other archaeologists and historians about the message of Revelation.