J2911 Media secures licensing deal with Blim TV in México

The distributor is credited with executing the sale of two Spanish documentaries, "El Reta De Eva" and "Mas Alla Del Reto De Eva," to the platform. "El Reta De Eva" made its debut on 7th November and "Mas Alla Del Reto De Eva" is set to debut on 14th November.


J2911 Media 's Head of Distribution, Vivian Reinoso confirmed a recent licensing deal with Bim TV for two Spanish documentaries, "El Reta De Eva" and "Mas Alla Del Reto De Eva." 

"El Reta De Eva"  successfully premiered on 7th November, while "Mas Alla Del Reto De Eva" awaits its debut for 14th November. Both titles form part of J2911's slate of new production projects. The documentaries showcases the story of Nacho, who suffers from a rare disease called DENT. The incurable disease mainly affects men and young boys.

His mother, Eva, created Fundacion Asdent, an organization that is financially supporting the research of the Dent disease, which has been supported by various events, including the “Titan Desert” competition in Morocco. Through the initiative, she hopes to find a cure for the disease.