The titles, “Wheel Sharks” and “Bolivia” Treasures Within” are both produced by TCF4 productions, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The content is set to debut in various regions around the world.


J2911 Media signed a global distribution agreement with the production company, TCF4 Productions for two Canadian shows. The titles, “Wheel Sharks” and “Bolivia: Treasures Within” are set to debut across various regions worldwide. The deal was announced and signed by Vivian Reinoso, Head of Worldwide Acquisition, Distribution & New Project Engagement of J2911.

TCF4 Productions is a television and film production company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, owned by Bill and Jacqueline Clements. They have taken on productions for music videos for Canadian artists, an event called "Hope150: Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday," among other projects. J2911 Media has a worldwide reach through its acquisition and distribution of finished content as well as in the engagement of new production projects.

In "Wheel Sharks," two kind-hearted mechanics help used-car buyers drive home a good deal by sharing their wisdom along the purchasing process. The pair isn't driven by a slaes ptich, but rather their desire for others to reach a good deal while purchasing a car.

The six episodes of "Bolivia: Treasures Within" showcases the historical and cultural beauty of Bolivia. The show teaches its viewers about treasures that are often overlooked, but make up the wealth of the region.