Julio Iglesias' sons will star Beta Spain's headline "Her-manos a la obra" for RTVE

The show is a home-renovation reality produced by Beta Entertainment Spain for RTVE and its platform RTVE Play, recorded in Miami and Spain.

5 MAR 2024

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A dynasty dedicated to entertainment: only they were missing. Julio Iglesias's eldest children, Chábeli and Julio Jr., star in "Her-manos a la obra," a home renovation reality show produced by Beta Entertainment Spain for RTVE and its platform RTVE Play.

The show was recorded in both Miami and Spain, where they undertake renovations and makeovers for internationally recognized celebrities such as Luis Fonsi, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Beatriz Luengo and Yotuel, Ana Obregón, or Isabel Preysler, their own mother. In each episode, the Iglesias siblings assess the case and needs of a celebrity seeking help with various issues. Tasks range from creating a new kitchen, addressing dampness in the garage, and preparing a garden for a new baby to restoring and decorating outdoor spaces in a mansion.

Their relationship with celebrities goes beyond being service providers or clients. Due to their status as "famous," the Iglesias siblings have been able to access closed-off worlds for many others. The Iglesias siblings were the protagonists of the successful documentary reality series "Dad Turns 80," which TVE aired in 2023. Javier Pérez de Silva, Jacobo Eireos, and Christian Gockel are the executive producers of the series on behalf of BETA Spain, and the directors are Carlos Hierro and Elena Zapata.

BETA Entertainment Spain produces various shows, including the docu-reality series "Los Gipsy Kings" on Mediaset, for whom they also produced "Wags, ellas también Juegan" in 2023, the "7200 seconds" format for Prime Video, or the entertainment journalism format "Cómo Funciona Madrid" for Telemadrid, among other productions."