Keshet’s “The Baker and the Beauty” to be adapted in France

Banijay France’s Marathon Studio & Terence Films to co-produce Keshet’s hit Israeli romcom for TF1 “La Belle et Le Boulanger” to star Amir Haddad alongside Ludmilla von Claer, with Hervé Mimran directing.

17 JUN 2024

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Keshet International (KI) has completed a major licensing deal that will see its Israeli romcom "The Baker and the Beauty" adapted in France by Marathon Studio and Terence Films (both part of Banijay France) for TF1. This order by one of France’s largest commercial TV channel marks Keshet’s first scripted format adaptation in France.

Based on the Israeli format created by Assi Azar and first produced by Endemol Shine Israel for Keshet 12, the drama follows the impossible love story between an international superstar and a humble baker. Known locally as "La Belle et Le Boulanger" and directed by Hervé Mimran (“Tout ce qui brille”), the 4x52’ French adaptation is written by Caroline Franc, Marion Michau, Jane Rioufol, Léa Lando and Ichem Saïbi, with Amir Haddad (“Tokyo Nights”) and Ludmilla von Claer (“L’Apéro”) starring in the roles originally played by Aviv Alush (“Valley of Tears”) and Rotem Sela (“A Body That Works”) for three seasons.

Malika Abdellaoui, CEO of Marathon Studio mentioned: “Absolutely delighted to bring to the screen the French adaptation of ‘The Baker and The Beauty’, created and written by Assi Azar, a romantic comedy with a beautiful family dimension. In this French remake, which is the very first fictional series to feature Amir, I was seduced by the unexpected duo of a baker and a supermodel. Behind this impossible love story, there's also the story of Benjamin's (Amir) family and the bakery: a story of passing on French craftsmanship, know-how and traditions. I'd like to thank TF1, Anne Didier and Solène Bouton, for their guidance and support throughout the literary development, and Keshet International for entrusting us with this fantastic format.”

Bertrand Cohen and Stéphane Meunier, CEO of Terence Films, said: “We loved the original version of the series written by Assi Azar, and we're delighted to be working with TF1 again. Marion Michau and Caroline Franc's fine work in adapting the series was to give a family dimension to a romantic comedy, while preserving its wit and humor. I'm very happy with the cast, and I know that under the direction of Hervé Mimran, the characters will be wonderfully embodied.”

Kelly Wright, KI’s MD of Distribution, stated: “‘The Baker and the Beauty’ is one of those formats with undeniable universal appeal. We're thrilled to be collaborating with Marathon Studio, Terence Films, TF1 and an A-list cast to bring a French adaptation of this opposites-attract love story to viewers in France. I have no doubt that Amir and Ludmilla will have them all hooked!”

Format creator Assi Azar added: "It still amazes me to see that a series I wrote in my living room continues to cross continents and thrill viewers across the globe. ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ is one of the most romantic love stories out there. After having been adapted into English, Russian, Dutch, and Telegu in India, Noa and Amos are now heading to Paris - the most romantic city in the world – to continue their travels as Louise and Benjamin. I believe that we will reach many more cities, countries, and languages, and that we will continue, together with Keshet, to proudly represent Israeli creativity."

Following widespread critical acclaim and ratings records in Israel (all three seasons were the most-watched dramas on Keshet 12 in their respective broadcast years), KI has already licensed "The Baker and the Beauty" format in a number of territories, including in the United States where Keshet Studios produced the American adaptation for ABC (in association with Universal Television and ABC Studios); in the Netherlands for NET5 (as Bagels and Bubbles); in Russia for CTC; and most recently in India by Annapurna Studios for streamer aha. The finished tape of seasons one and two of the original Israeli series were licensed to Amazon for Amazon Prime in global deal by KI, and all three seasons are available to screen with various broadcast partners worldwide.

Benjamin Mercier (Amir Haddad) and Louise Meyer (Ludmilla von Claer) are like day and night. Literally. While Louise jet sets around the world to model for the biggest name designers and parties into the night, Benjamin is up early preparing baguettes at his family-run bakery. As his day begins he says, “Good morning!” to his customers, she finally puts her phone down and goes to bed. Louise and Benjamin should never have met... and yet they did, accidentally, in a restaurant men’s room, moments before Benjamin’s girlfriend Vanessa (Sarah Stern) surprised him with a very public marriage proposal. That evening, Benjamin's perfectly ordered life is turned upside down, and his entire family with it. Will his brother Roman (Gary Mihaileanu), who has always wanted to break into the rap industry, see his career take off thanks to Louise's fame? Will his little sister Flora (Mitty Hazanavicius) find the courage to tell her parents she's leaving France for the wide-open spaces of Patagonia? And will their parents (Lionnel Astier and Mathilda May), faced with their children leaving the nest, manage to reinvent themselves and spice up their relationship? “La Belle et le Boulanger” is a romantic comedy about two complete opposites as they navigate each other’s world.

Directed by Hervé Mimran (“A Man in a Hurry”, “All That Glitters”), La Belle et Le Boulanger starts shooting this week in Paris for TF1. In addition to representing the original Israeli format and finished tape, Keshet International will also distribute this four-part French adaptation internationally on behalf of Marathon Studio and Terence Films.