Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO at Mondo TV Iberoamerica, explains the production focus of the company and highlights the developing partnership that the company established with Toon2Tango for the international arena.


Mondo TV launches new properties at Kidscreen 2020. The star of the portfolio is the new, entirely original children’s animated series “MeteoHeroes”, which will premiere in Italian in autumn. The full 52x7’ show addresses issues like climate change, ecology and respect for nature, through the amazing adventures of six children who discover that they have superpowers that allow each of them to control a weather phenomenon. “This is a Mondo TV co-production with Meteo Expert Center, Italy’s leading weather forecasting group. It’s an exciting, funny and beautifully designed animated action-comedy series that will be reaching out to new generations: the ‘digital natives’, raising awareness on such subjects as global warming, climate change and pollution,” Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO at Mondo TV Iberoamerica, explained.

While “YooHoo to the Rescue” (CGI 52x11’) and “Invention Story” (52x11) are another two highlights of Mondo’s offer for Kidscreen, the company has major new for the event in Miami. “An important feature of our presence at Kidscreen Summit is to highlight our recent partnership with Toon2Tango, the kids and family entertainment venture founded by television and movie industry experts Hans Ulrich Stoef and Jo Daris. The alliance, forged in 2019, focuses on developing, producing and distributing unique and high-quality shows, with strong merchandise appeal. This partnership represents an opportunity to build new, high-quality, and successful cross-media brands. For Mondo TV, it is a great opportunity to build a stronger presence in Northern Europe,” Maria Bonaria Fois highlighted.

Moreover, the executive stated that Mondo TV Iberoamerica intends to remain a strong player in the distribution and production of animation, notably through our pre-production studio Mondo TV Producciones Canarias. “The studio has only been open for a few years, but it already plays a significant role in the entire Group output, as it’s the pre-production hub for all the major shows we now have in the pipeline. In fact, we have lots of exciting news coming from the Canarias office, so stay tuned!” she said.

Expansion Pipeline

Mondo TV Iberoamerica is expanding and diversifying its output to address changing market demand, with short-term goals that includes the production of its first adult fiction. “We have already begun working on a strategy to make that happen, starting with the sci-fi drama ‘2050’, which is now in development. We are paying close attention in particular to creative voices coming from Spain, Italy and Latin America,” Fois said. “Of course, we are also continuing to distribute third party kids and family output. We are currently working on several projects. Whatever the platform is, it’s clear that worldwide demand for content in general is growing fast, and the demand for children’s programming in particular is strong,” she added.

Fois was clear regarding to emerging opportunities in terms of TV and merchandising. “We are increasingly aware of the value of young audiences. The storytelling from a kids’ point of view: informative but not too educational and always entertaining. Not surprisingly, Mondo TV is on top of this trend, especially with our recent and forthcoming eco-adventures like ‘MeteoHeroes’ and ‘YooHoo to the Rescue’,” Fois concluded.

By Diego Alfagemez

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