LA Screenings: MADD sold record-setting series “Blooming Lady” to Telemundo

The series is one of Türkiye’s highest-rated drama series of the past five years.

17 MAY 2024

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Turkish distributor MADD Entertainment announced at LA Screenings Independents that it sold drama “Blooming Lady” to Telemundo, to premiere the series in the U.S. Broadcasted locally under the title “Bahar”, it is one of Türkiye’s highest-rated drama series of the past five years. The series’ audience continues to grow, with the 11th episode achieving a whopping 35.44% share of primetime viewers in the competitive ABC+20 demo.

“Telemundo is one of MADD’s strongest broadcast partners, so it only makes sense that Türkiye’s hottest title in years will have a home there,” said Özlem Özsümbül, MADD’s Head of Sales. “We know that ‘Blooming Lady’ is in good hands. With their help, it will reach millions more viewers across the Western Hemisphere. We are confident that the series will also perform very well around the world and will be appreciated by the international audiences just as well as in Türkiye”

MADD and Telemundo first teamed up in 2018 to bring “My Little Girl” to the U.S. Hispanic market, where it dominated its time slot under the title “Todo Por Mi Hija”. The appetite for Turkish drama has only grown since then, with many of Türkiye’s top titles appearing under the Telemundo banner, including “A Woman Scorned”, “Abandoned”, “All About Marriage”, “Be My Sunshine”, “Family Secrets”, “Flames of Fate”, “Gülcemal”, “Hidden Truth”, “Love is in the Air”, “Love Storm”, “My Dad My Hero” and “The Family”.

“Blooming Lady” is based on South Korea’s “Dr. Cha”. MF Yapim’s version features Demet Evgar (“Flames of Fate”) in the title role along with an all-star cast including Buğra Gülsoy (“My Little Girl”, “Fatmagul”), Mehmet Yılmaz Ak (“Family Secrets”), Hatice Aslan (“Farah”), and Ecem Özkaya (“Matter of Respect”). When stay-at-home mother Bahar faces a life-threatening illness, she decides to make some changes in her life. She goes back to complete the medical residency she had to give up 20 years ago, even though that means working under her husband, the Chief Surgeon, and with her son, another first-year resident. Neither they nor her teenage daughter are happy about it, but Bahar finds satisfaction in her new life. Unfortunately, returning to the hospital also means learning some hard truths about her husband and the life he’s been leading away from their family. Ultimately, Bahar rebuilds her life along new lines filled with hope, love, and self-reliance.