Madd licensed six new titles to Middle East and North Africa

After their release in Turkey, the dramas are being distributed globally.

11 APR 2024

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Turkish distributor MADD Entertainment announced that 2024 has seen massive growth in the company’s business across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), making it one of MADD’s top sales regions.

“MENA has always been an important market for MADD,” said Managing Director Ateş İnce. “These countries have a long relationship with Turkish drama, and their viewers expect the very best. With our top-rated series and quick turnaround, MADD is uniquely suited to meet that demand.”

Sales have increased across the board, including various free TV and digital platforms covering over 20 countries in the region. Today’s growth has been led by new series that only launched this season but are already airing in MENA, including dramas “Wild Heart”, “My Wonderful Life”, “The Brave”, “Dirty Laundry”, “No Mercy” and “Blooming Lady”, which recently premiered in Turkey. Many of these series are broadcasted right after their Turkish debut, a strategy that takes into account today’s interconnected audience and has helped drive ratings for both in linear and non-linear broadcasters across MENA.