24 JAN 2023

Ozlem Ozsumbul: “We mix the traditional Turkish style with a modern touch”

The Head of Sales at Madd Entertainment describes the company’s strategy for this year and explains what is the value of Latin America for its distribution business.

24 JAN 2023

Ozlem Ozsumbul

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Aiming to be a one-stop-shop for international content buyers for the best Turkish drama series and content rights, Madd Entertainment is present at Content Americas with a mix of fresh titles and some consolidated hits. Ozlem Ozsumbul, Head of Sales at the company, describes Madd’s strategy and explains what is the value of Latin America for its distribution business.

▸  How would you define the distribution strategy of the company for 2023?

“Madd has the maximum capacity for Turkish drama distribution because of its founder production companies: Medyapım, Ay Yapım and Mf Yapım. Those production houses are the most talented and biggest ones in the business. For many years, they have been producing the best titles, and each of those shows eventually became milestones of Turkish drama titles. That capacity and production talent helps and encourages us to reach our audience with the greatest Turkish content.”

▸  What will be the launches and main shows for Content Americas?

“‘Family Secrets,’ ‘All About Marriage,’ ‘Twisted Affairs,’ ‘Hidden Truth,’ ‘One More Chance,’ and ‘Our Father’ are some of our latest titles. We continue to produce and present some other fresh shows too like ‘A Big Deal’ or ‘Little Big Heart,’ and we have some more big new titles coming soon. We never stop producing and distributing with the help of our talented production companies.”

▸  How would you define the value of Latin America for Madd's global distribution business?

“Latin America is the most important and effective part of Turkish drama sales. The Latin American audience and the broadcasters’ interest here are highly appreciated. All our titles are on air now in this region, and many others are scheduled too. We aim to reach foreign broadcasters with Madd’s most watched titles as we did previously. We will also be presenting again fresh new titles and big hits in Latin America.”

▸  What new business and growth opportunities do you observe around the region?

“Our goal is to continue producing and sharing all our content in Latin America for the next few years as well. Sustainability and success in there are the most important parts of our business. Increasing our sales in free TV, digital and some other business areas is an important mission. Thanks to Madd’s founder companies’ experiences, we have great capacity and potential in all business models in the region."

▸  What are the latest trends and programming needs for Turkish content?

“We have different genres for different needs and audiences. Love stories and dramas are always popular for audiences, but some clever and dynamic stories are now popular too. We are mixing the traditional Turkish style with a modern touch, dynamic storytelling and smart twists in the stories.”

▸  What's the strategy behind the launch of your own screening mobile app?

“This is a B2B strategy for Madd. We have really good and longstanding relations with our partners from all around the world thanks to our website, screening links, presentations, flyers, etc. However, times are changing fast and we need to adapt. Serving in the fastest and easiest way is our mission. With Madd Screening App there is no time zone differences now, and all our professional friends can reach us whatever, whenever and wherever they are. We are always with you.”

By Diego Alfagemez & Federico Marzullo