Madd Entertainment celebrated five years of success in Cannes

Turkish distributor Madd Entertainment celebrated its fifth-year anniversary Tuesday night with a star-studded gala at Cannes’ famous Majestic Hotel.

19 OCT 2023

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Turkish distributor Madd Entertainment celebrated its fifth-year anniversary Tuesday night with a star-studded gala at Cannes’ famous Majestic Hotel. Some of Turkey’s finest actors, directors and producers joined the festivities along with broadcasters and media executives all around the world.

During the gala, many milestones were celebrated, including several important new developments. For example, the distributor announced a new three-year volume deal with Telefe and Chilevision, which is Madd’s third volume deal in Latin America. In detail, Telefe and Chilevision agreed on the acquisition of the Turkish titles that Ay Yapım and Med Yapım will produce over three years.

The company also announced that Ay Yapim is co-producing a Spanish version of its hit series “Brave and Beautiful” with Secuoya Studios. The adaptation will air in Spain through Atresmedia and Madd will distribute the title to the international market. This is the outcome of the alliance between the Spanish content studio and the Turkish production company launched a few months ago.

Furthermore, Medyapim and Mediapro are co-producing a Spanish version of the classic Turkish drama “A Girl Named Feriha,” which Madd will also distribute, as well as HBO Max’s forthcoming “Margarita,” the new youth drama from renowned Argentine producer Cris Morena.

Moreover, Ay Yapim acquired adaptation rights for Globo’s hit series “Brazil Avenue,” a hit that has aired in over 140 countries and will now have its first international adaptation. The agreement between Globo and Ay Yapım provides for the sale of the format, in which the Turkish company can promote adaptations while maintaining the telenovela’s successful premises. Madd will be distributing this drama globally as well.

At the same time, Madd Entertainment announced a new sales record for "The Family," which just started its second season and has already been sold to over 80 markets, including MENA, US Hispanic & Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Israel, Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Honduras, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, CIS countries, and Latin America. It is Madd Entertainment’s fastest-selling drama series.

“This is an occasion to thank all the people who have made Madd Entertainment the number one distributor of Turkish drama. Five years ago, Ay Yapım and Medyapım, two of the companies that made Turkish drama so popular around the world, came together to create Madd. All the volume deals we did around the world, the co-productions, the digital platform deals – all of that was possible thanks to this creative partnership. Anyone who knows Turkish drama knows that these two companies are the best,”  said Ates Ince, Managing Director of Madd.

Some of the country’s best-known stars were in Cannes to wish Madd well on its fifth anniversary, including Onur Tuna and Hilal Altınbilek from the upcoming new series “My Wonderful Life”; Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas from “Wild Heart”; Deniz Can Aktaş and Miray Daner from “The Brave”; and stars from the new hit drama “Dirty Laundry,” Ayça Bingöl, Ceren Moray, and Cansu Tosun. Together, they represent three of today’s Top 10 Turkish dramas and one of the most anticipated new series of the season.