MIPTV 2024: Madd licensed five new titles to Spain

The distributor announced these sales will lead to a record-setting year in Spain.

9 APR 2024

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Turkish distributor MADD Entertainment announced a record-setting year in Spain, with most of its newest hit series already sold and set to debut in primetime. These ongoing series that will soon be broadcasted include “Wild Heart”, “My Wonderful Life”, “The Brave”, “Dirty Laundry” and “Blooming Lady”, all debuted to very good ratings in Türkiye and continue to rank among the country’s one of the most popular dramas.

MADD’s Managing Director, Ateş İnce, said: “We’ve invested a lot of care in building our business there. We believe in the long-term future of Turkish drama in Spain, and we work closely with our broadcast partners to help grow the audience on a steady, sustainable basis.”

Other MADD titles that premiered in Spain include “A Miracle”, “A Woman Scorned”, “All About Marriage”, “Be My Sunshine”, “Flames of Fate”, “Hidden Truth”, “Love”, “Reason”, “Get Even”, “Love is in the Air”, “My Little Girl”, “Nehir”, “One More Chance”, “The Family” and “Family Secrets”.