9 APR 2024

MIPTV 2024: TelevisaUnivision Sells "Vencer el pasado" and "Vivir de Amor" in Hungary

The titles are two novels produced by the hit-makers Rosy Ocampo and Salvador Mejía, respectively. Both feature great casts

9 APR 2024

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TelevisaUnivision, the Spanish-language media and content company  announced a new deal with TV2 Media Group to broadcast "Vencer al pasado" and "Vivir de amor" on its free-to-air television channels in Hungary. 

Produced by hit-maker Rosy Ocampo, "Vencer el pasado" tells the story of Renata (Angelique Boyer), Carmen (Erika Buenfil), Mariluz (Arantza Ruíz), and Danna (Anna Paula Martínez), four women whose lives are nearly shattered by a single moment, viciously amplified on social media. Determined not to let their past define their future, they will move to a new city where they will find support in each other and rebuild their lives. The star-studded cast of "Vencer el pasado" includes power couple Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli, stellar actress and “queen of TikTok” Erika Buenfil, Manuel “Flaco” Ibáñez, Ana Paula Martínez, Leticia Perdigón, Arantza Ruíz, Otto Sirgo, and África Zavala. 

"Vivir del amor" is a novela by Salvador Mejía, starring Kimberly Dos Ramos, Gala Montes, and Emmanuel Palomares. The title tells the story of Rebeca (Gala Montes) and Angelli (Kimberly Dos Ramos), two sisters who were separated at a young age. Angelli grows up with Elena (Amairani Romero), her mother, managing the luxury restaurant they inherited from their father. Both believe Rebeca has died, but Rebeca was forced to live within a humble family, enduring strong hardships. After 20 years, Rebeca discovers her true origins and decides to seek revenge upon learning that while she grew up in poverty, her sister Angelli lived surrounded by luxuries. "Vivir del amor" also features Josh Gutiérrez, Juan Diego Covarrubias, Eugenia Cauduro, René Strickler, Bárbara Islas, Mariluz Bermúdez, Gaby Spanic, Eric del Castillo, Marcelo Bouquet, Josselyn Garciglia, Christian de la Campa, Francisco Gattorno, Amairani Romero, Mauricio Aspe, Magda Karina, Isadora González, Isabel Madow, and Malillany Marín.