Nico Hofmann and Jan Mojto join forces for future productions

The former head of UFA partners with Beta Film’s leader to produce German and European series and films for the international market.

14 FEB 2024

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Nico Hofmann, the longtime head of UFA, joins forces with Beta Film CEO Jan Mojto and producer Jan Wünschmann to produce German and European series and films for the international market. Nico Hofmann and Jan Mojto are connected by half a lifetime of production. With "The Tunnel," the duo pioneered the TV event genre in Germany in the early 2000s. Two dozen collaborative television and film productions followed, among them significant hits like "Generation War," "Dresden," "The Tower," and "The Same Sky."

Nico Hofmann said: "Jan Mojto and I have been close colleagues and friends for more than twenty years – our eye for programming, uncompromising quality, and passion for our profession unites us. It is the next logical step in my career to join forces and produce together with Beta Film. The individuals and their creativity are the building blocks for a long-lasting bond."

Jan Mojto, CEO of Beta Film, explained: "This partnership fulfills a long-held wish. Nico Hofmann is one of the best German producers; He is a gifted storyteller. His professional and personal qualities, which I have known for more than 25 years, are the ideal foundation for many projects to come, stories for Europe from Germany. I am happy to accompany Nico Hofmann in this endeavor."

Jan Wünschmann, Producer of Beta Film, mentioned, "The current production environment for fictional storytelling is challenging and characterized by rising costs and complex financing structures. I am convinced that with our combined efforts, Nico Hofmann and Beta will produce outstanding projects."

Born in Heidelberg, Nico Hofmann led teamWorx, which later became UFA Fiction, and, together with Beta, created global hits like "The Tunnel" (2001), which was sold to 100 countries. Other limited series followed, including "Dresden", "March of Millions", "Hindenburg", "The Tower", and "Generation War". The collaboration with UFA on "The Physician", starring Sir Ben Kingsley, celebrated great successes with four million viewers in Germany and one million fans in Spain. Hofmann served as CEO of UFA from 2017 to 2023, overseeing the production of series like "Deutschland 83" and the box office hit "All About Me." Hofmann, who is also a professor at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, has received numerous national and international awards.

For more than 40 years, Jan Mojto has been active in the production of audiovisual content as well as international distribution out of Germany. In 2004, he took over Beta Film. Beta produces, co-produces, and distributes around 1,000 hours of new programming annually, including feature films, series, documentaries, and classical music productions. Beta's portfolio features productions such as "Babylon Berlin," "The Swarm," "Sisi," "The Sea Beyond," and "Gomorrah." Mojto, who started his career with Leo Kirch in the late 70's, has been honored with numerous national and international awards.

Dr. Jan Wünschmann is Executive Vice President for Co-Production and Business Affairs at Beta and Managing Director of Intaglio Films (Beta/ZDFStudios). Together with multiple Emmy winner Frank Doelger, he co-produced "The Swarm." The latest Intaglio production, the AI thriller "Concordia," is currently in post-production.