Dori Media signed a contract with Hungarian TV channel RTL, and Wirtualna Polska for broadcasting NTV's crime drama.




Dori Media Group has inked a contract with Hungarian TV channel RTL, and Wirtualna Polska for broadcasting NTV's hit series "Shepherd". In Poland, the series aired on Telewizja WP, a free digital television channel.

Nadav Palti, CEO & President of Dori Media Group commented: “'Shepherd' was a tremendous hit in Russia and we expect its success to repeat across multiple territories given the format’s flexibility and appeal as a crime drama that has multiple strands running through its plot. We are pleased that two new territories have committed to its broadcast and we anticipate more to come as the show grows in popularity and as broadcasters look to fill increasingly interrupted schedules due to the impact of Covid-19”.

Timur Weinstein, NTV channel General Producer: “We have worked together with Dori Media for several years now, and I'm happy that the international distribution of our super successful prime-time series ‘Shepherd’ is handled by them of all others. For 4 seasons now ‘Shepherd’ has simply thrashed content on other channels, to the extent that nobody risks to pitting any expensive prime-time premiere product against it. Moreover, ‘Shepherd’ achieves great ratings not only for the first time on-air but also in reruns. I think that the series’ success lies in a solid script, detailed character types, and in genre combination, making a crime story family friendly. And, of course, the language of man and dog communication is easy to understand in any country’s audience. Season 5 is in production now and will go on air soon”.

Dori Media Group acquired international broadcasting and digital rights for the action-packed crime series "Shepherd" in Spring, 2019. This is a second deal between two companies. In 2017 Dori Media Group took up the distribution of NTV's large-scale period drama "The Road to Calvary". Since then, the series had a successful run on ERT3 channel, Greece, which was available on Netflix. Now the series is set to air in Thailand.

"Shepherd" is the most popular series in Russia. This fact is confirmed not only by the series ratings but also by a survey held by VCIOM, the largest polling company in Russia. While on air the series became an absolute hit topping the prime-time slot many times with maximum share reaching 20.5%. On NTV’s  YouTube channel and official site, "Shepherd" gained almost 330 mln views. The series aired successfully on KTK channel, Kazakhstan with share reaching 17.8%.

Former homicide detective Maximov ‘drinks-to-forget’, and finds himself in the middle of several criminal investigations. One is the murder of his mentor that the police claim was suicide. The mentor’s dog, Shepherd, is found on the scene and Maximov rescues it from being put down. The two become a team and Maximov starts his own investigation that proves to be extremely dangerous. Risking their lives for each other, Maximov and Shepherd successfully solve crimes and step-by-step begin to trust each other. But professional victories don’t create luck in love. Maximov is tormented by the betrayal of his ex-wife, who left him for his best friend. Internal dramas and external dangers keep the suspense high as the story progresses. At the same time, humour and friendly banter leave everyone entertained.