The new prequel is being co-produced by the film’s production team, Canada’s CarpeDiem and Germany’s Ulysses Filmproduktion.

19 FEB 2021

"Butterfly Tale"

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International sales and distribution company, Pink Parrot Media, (PPM) has acquired the new spin-off animated series based on Carpediem’s IP property and film “Butterfly Tale”.  The new prequel, a CGI animated series, "Butterfly Academy" (working title) is being co-produced by the film’s production team, Canada’s CarpeDiem (“Snowtime!”) and Germany’s Ulysses Filmproduktion (“Ooops! Noah Is Gone”) and PPM is currently shopping for investors and broadcast partners.  The 52 x 11 minute animated series is set to be completed by Q4 2023.

Production of the highly anticipated feature film "Butterfly Tale" commenced in January with first time film director Sophie Roy, one of the upcoming Canadian female animation directors and has already been pre-sold in France & Germany (Wild Bunch), Poland & Romania (Monolith), Former Yugoslavia (Blitz) and Middle East (Front Row). "Butterfly Tale" will also be released in theaters in Q4 2022.

“We are very excited to see our special butterflies take off on new journeys” says Tania Pinto Da Cunha, Vice-President/Partner and Head of International Sales and Acquisitions at Pink Parrot Media. “The beautiful animation and the wonderful story-lines are going translate into a wonderful animated series that is certain to capture young audiences everywhere.”

Produced by Marie-Claude Beauchamp at CarpeDiem and Ulysses’ Emely Christians, Societe Radio-Canada is on board as a Canadian broadcaster and author and writer, Heidi Foss, joins as screenwriter.

Set in the backdrop of the Milkweed Academy, a high school for Monarch butterflies, the series will include many of the feature film’s adorable characters including the lovable one-winged disabled butterfly Patrick who will be joined by friends Marty and Jennifer among many other as they navigate through the challenges of their high school life and learn about the big migration of the monarchs and all its challenges.