7 NOV 2023

Begoña Esteban: "'Joy Eternal' transports audiences to a world they've never seen before"

The Head of International TV Sales & Acquisitions of Pink Parrot Media defines the brand-new mysterious animated title the Canadian distributor showcased last month in Cannes.

7 NOV 2023

Begoña Esteban

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Canada's Pink Parrot Media attended MipJunior and Mipcom with a new 2D animated TV series, "Joy Eternal," which targets 13 to 16-year-old audiences. Begoña Esteban, Head of International TV Sales & Acquisitions of the company, chatted with Señal News about the challenges of producing a series for today's teenagers.

How would you define "Joy Eternal"?
"'Joy Eternal' is a mysterious 2D animated TV series with lots of adventure and comedy that transports audiences to a world they've never seen before. It is a co-production between Finland (YLE), Canada, and Spain (Televisión de Cataluña). Joy's parents die trying to stop the corporation. Now, they are in the city of lost souls, and Joy is on a mission to find them. Joy dies early on her mission, but it doesn't stop her race to find her parents in the afterlife. She discovers that the corporation also reigns there, only more powerful and dangerous. That enemy is led by the most ruthless leader, who has too much to lose to let Joy ruin everything with conspiracy theories that turn out to be correct."

Was it challenging to talk about life and the afterlife in a teen story?
"Teens are the most challenging audience to reach because they have lots of resources where they can binge unlimited content. Indeed, our biggest challenge with the series is catching their attention, but we believe 'Joy Eternal's' topics and intrigues are up to the stakes. We are confident it's the kind of content they wish to see. It is a thrilling science fiction story based on charismatic, unique characters with ultra-modern comic book designs and solid values and opinions. Joy is a leading character with incredible strength and determination, a sense of humor, and irony that will make audiences laugh. Joy will captivate them and make them want to accompany her in the difficult mission she has set for herself: to fight against a mega-corporation that commercializes souls. The audience will connect to Joy's concerns and establish an emotional relationship with the character, making them want to binge until the very last episode. Its narrative structure will leave each episode with an addictive cliffhanger for the audience. We play with suspense and intrigue to keep the viewer in tension until the very end."

What values are highlighted during the "Joy Eternal" story?
"The series has diverse characters of every race and gender, reflecting our multicultural world. Diversity, acceptance, and inclusion are a big focus of our series. There is also a feminist point of view, with our main character being a modern female leader with lots of strength. The importance of family and its precious bond is also the leading arch of this series."

Would you define this project as a global story for teen audiences worldwide?
"Yes, global viewers will be fascinated by stories with action, mystery, and intrigue trimmed with sarcastic humor. Our core target and young adults will certainly appreciate it as it is thrilling, exciting, and high-quality animation. Plus, the series was produced in 4K, so the audience can appreciate all the little details that make it so special."

What are the following business steps for the project?
"We are looking for the best broadcasters and digital platforms that will give worldwide awareness to this IP. We also hope to have a second season with webisodes and, why not, a movie."

By Romina Rodríguez