Pixcom’s multi-award-winning series go to Europe and Australia

"Audrey’s Back" will be broadcasted on Canal+ in France and on RAI in Italy (RAI); while "The Wall" S3 will be air on SBS in Australia.

7 APR 2023

"Audrey’s Back"

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Pixcom’s Nicola Merola, President & Executive Producer, and Charles Lafortune, Vice President of Development & Executive Producer, announced that air dates have been set for their multi-award-winning dramedy series "Audrey’s Back" in France on Canal+ starting April 13, and then in summer 2023 on RAI in Italy. On the other hand, season three of the mystery drama series "The Wall: The Orchard" is beginning its broadcast in Australia on SBS on April 6. Both series are distributed by Beta.

Pixcom also announced a bigger focus on co-production and will be active at the upcoming MIPTV market, where Nicola Merola is speaking at the market’s co-pro summit. The production company recently announced a light sci-fi, coming-of-age drama series co-pro at Berlinale with ZDF Studios, titled "Earthbound."

"Audrey’s Back" follows a woman who, after sixteen years, awakens from a coma that resulted from a hit-and-run accident when she was 17 years old. Watching Audrey regain her memories and triumph over basic tasks sparks everyone around her to reawaken the spirit of their own joy, they too thought was lost that fateful night.

"The Wall: The Orchard" (S3): When Detective Sergeant Céline Trudeau returns to her childhood home, a village near an abbey in Eastern Townships - Quebec, the beauty of the Indian Summer is disrupted by an old trauma. 30 years ago, her cousin and best friend Veronique was murdered here. Now, Céline and Alex set out to track down her killer, who was never found.

Merola & Lafortune stated, “Pixcom is very pleased to be able to share our fantastic award-winning shows on the world stage -- French audiences will be charmed by 'Audrey’s Back' on Canal+ and Italians will enjoy the series on RAI this coming summer. Over in Australia, audiences will be thrilled by another season of 'The Wall', with stunning scenes of Eastern Townships - Quebec and a powerful mystery. We thank Beta for taking our programs to the best international broadcasters.”

Oliver Bachert, Chief Distribution Officer of Beta Film added: “We are delighted that great Quebecois drama is travelling around the world – 'Audrey’s Back' and 'The Wall' are perfect examples of original and unique local stories going global. I’m convinced that the one-of-a-kind and heart-warming drama 'Audrey’s Back' and mysterious crime drama 'The Wall' will go on to find and delight new audiences. We are looking forward to more years of fantastic collaboration with our partner Pixcom.”