The international hit series is an exclusive Netflix original live-action adaptation of the original animation series. The company will soon launch an international line of beauty consumer products based on the series, targeting women in their 20s.


Rainbow Group has launched a new, improved global marketing and licensing strategy for the brand extension of its international hit series "Winx Club." "Fate: The Winx Saga" is an exclusive Netflix original live-action adaptation of the animation series and produced in collaboration with Rainbow.

 Alongside the global strategy aimed at kids, Rainbow’s in-house design team have developed have planned a strategy to launch consumer products worldwide, targeting women in their 20s. The launch will prioritize beauty. To support the young adults’ consumer products strategy a variety of marketing, PR and digital activities will promote continued engagement with present fans and help garner new ones.

Within six weeks of its launch on Netflix on 21st january, the series has established itself as a global ratings success and commission for its second season was announced last month. As a TV series it has crossed multi-cultural boundaries with its breadth of characters and themes such as friendship, courage, and determination. These themes are as relevant to today’s young children and young adults, as they were back in 2004 when season one debuted around the world.

Since it first burst onto screens back in 2004, Winx Club has been a global ratings success for Rainbow; with each new series further broadcast partners came on board to support the series, and audiences flourished, making it one of the most successful girls’ properties of all time. As a children’s TV brand now firmly ranks as a global ‘evergreen’, Winx Club’s original fans are now young woman and men in their twenties who remain loyal to their childhood favourite and continue to follow the series and engage on all social media platforms.


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