Talpa’s "Million Dollar Island" makes its way to Belgium

The second season of the title, created by John de Mol's Talpa Concepts and Monday Media, and distributed by Talpa Distribution, will debut on SBS6 and Flemish broadcaster VTM2.


Talpa has confirmed plans to bring the survivial reality TV show, "Million Dollar Island" to Belgium. “We’re proud and excited to present our viewers with a second season of Million Dollar Island on SBS6," Program Director, Marco Louwerens  - TV Director Talpa network said. "The first series got wonderful reviews and great market shares, so I’m looking forward to this next adventure."

Viewers will have access to the title's second season, which will be made available through a collaboration between SBS6 and Flemish broadcaster VTM2. The deal marks the third time the title has crossed the border after the Middle East and Australia. The series' first season scored a 21,5% average market share in the key demo, more than doubling the channel average. The second season of Talpa’s groundbreaking survival show is set to air in 2023. As part of the expansion, the new cast will include both Dutch and Flemish contestants. 

The format is created by John de Mol's Talpa Concepts and Monday Media, and distributed by Talpa Distribution. The first season of "Million Dollar Island" was launched on the 6th of March 2022, on SBS6 in the Netherlands and on Amazon Prime. “Million Dollar Island is a fantastic social experiment in which the emotional intelligence of everyday people keeps you hooked until the nail-biting final," Kristine Willems - Channel Manager VTM2 said. "This format fits the VTM2 profile perfectly, and we’re thrilled to add this adventure to our schedule.”

"Million Dollar Island" is a groundbreaking social experiment where one hundred people try to stay on a remote desert island for two months for a chance at winning one million dollars. Surviving the harsh conditions with limited means isn't the only challenge. Each contestant starts the adventure with a bracelet worth 10.000 dollars. While on the island, contestants can gain and lose bracelets by competing in various games. They can also receive bracelets from other contestants. When someone gives up and decides to leave the island, they must give their bracelet(s) to a contestant who stays behind. On this show, alliances mean everything, and friendships are worth a fortune. Some contestants will become richer by winning games and inheriting bracelets, while those who lose and fail to collect new bracelets must eventually go home. By the last day, only a few contestants are left on the island. In a thrilling finale, they'll each get their chance to cash in their bracelets in an exciting test of nerves. However, they can also lose everything at the last minute...  


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