Talpa Studios' "No Way Back" scored great ratings in the Netherlands

The first episode of the adventure reality show got great numbers on SBS6, with an average market share of 17,3% in the 25-59 demo.

15 JAN 2024

"No Way Back"

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"No Way Back", Talpa Studios' brand-new adventure reality show, where a group of fearless adventurers embarks on a grueling trail through Norway’s rugged nature, is on the road to success. Last week, the first episode scored great numbers on SBS6 in the Netherlands. With an average market share of 17,3% in the 25-59 demo (delayed viewing included), a promising tone was set for the series.

The show is a favorite among on-demand viewers: a significant 23% (25-59) watched the show later, highlighting its strong appeal for flexible viewing. "No Way Back" also marks the successful beginning of the recently announced partnership between Talpa Studios and Signal.Stream, showcasing the power of the strategic creative collaboration.

The show’s outcome depends on the ultimate survival dilemma: to stay behind in the wilderness… or advance further on the trail. Guided by a well-known former Special Forces member, 16 fearless adventurers will embark on a grueling 12-day-long trail in Norway’s rugged nature… with no less than 100.000 euros at stake! The trail is divided into several stages that become more difficult along the way.

Under extremely harsh conditions, the adventurers face the most adrenaline-charged challenges. Each stage ends in a survival camp. Here, the contestants are given the dilemma whether to stay or continue the journey. If no one voluntarily chooses to stay behind, a vote is taken. Each camp is worth money: the four camps together are worth 50.000 euros.