Record numbers for Talpa Studios’ “The Alliance” on SBS6 in the Netherlands

The reality show has an average market share of 13% in the key 25-59 demographic (including delayed viewing).

7 JUN 2024

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Since its launch on SBS6 in the Netherlands in October 2023, Talpa Studios’ reality show “The Alliance” has consistently engaged a large and loyal daily audience, maintaining strong viewership even beyond its 100th episode. It has achieved an impressive average market share of 13% in the key 25-59 demographic (including delayed viewing). This confirms its status as the highest-rated show in the 7:30 PM prime time slot since 2017. Due to its performance, SBS6 has decided to extend the series, committing to an additional series for an indefinite period.

On “The Alliance”, 16 participants form 4 teams at the beginning of each month. They will compete against each other for a grand prize of 100.000 euros. Through physical and knowledge-based games, secret missions and manipulative tactics, the teams battle each other in order to win points and get to the top position in the rankings. The climax of “The Alliance” is the Knockout phase, where teams compete until only one winning team remains. This team will play the finale - and this is where the battle for the 100.000 euros really kicks off. As one winner basks in glory, a member from the underperforming team faces the harsh reality of elimination. Both participants are replaced, the teams reformed, the scores reset to zero. Every new month brings new alliances, rivalries and opportunities - all with 100,000 euros at stake.

The adaptable structure of this format makes it possible to extend the show indefinitely or to be concluded at the end of each monthly cycle.