Creation of original voices for "Nina & Olga"; TPN's evaluation in the Brazilian and Mexican studios, and the dubbing of the miniseries "Isabel" are some of the spring news from the Miami-based dubbing company.

5 APR 2021

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Through Liliam Hernandez and Gema Lopez, CEO and COO respectively, Universal Cinergia announced this week some highlights of the company's activities in early 2021. The executives noted that they have completed the English dubbing of the long-awaited biographical series “Isabel ”, Produced by MGE (Mega Global Entertainment), which tells the story of Isabel Allende, the best-selling Latin American author, a series that premiered on HBO Max in early March.

Expanding the range of services provided, Universal Cinergia is currently working on creating the original voices for “Nina & Olga”, an animated title co-produced by Mondo TV Iberoamérica and Enanimation, which will premiere on Ray Play and Ray Yoyo in Italy later this year. anus.

“It has been a pleasure working on this project. We have been collaborating very closely with the creative team at Mondo TV. Based on the character descriptions, our team makes creative decisions and selects the voices that will best suit each character. Bringing a character to life through original voices is very rewarding, and we are very proud of this work! ," said Gema López. "We are happy to be able to offer this service to the international creative community and we plan to continue offering it to global producers, diversifying the types of services we provide," she commented.

On the subject of content security, the Miami facility has been evaluated by TPN (Trusted Partner Network), an industry-wide film and television content protection initiative, which validates the company's commitment to quality. The program seeks to increase security awareness, readiness and capabilities, and establishes a single benchmark of minimal security readiness for all vendors and their teams.

In this context, they also announced that the Universal Cinergia studios in Brazil and Mexico have begun to undergo the TPN evaluation, a process that involves various content security measures, following the guidelines of the MPAA. Their services are required by most service providers (dubbing studios and post-production facilities) that handle large volumes of content should be evaluated by TPN.