Winsing's "GG Bond: Diary of Dinosaurs" premieres in major cinemas across CIS territory

The animated feature film debuted on January 25th, captivating audiences in around 700 cinemas, over 1500+ screens.

25 JAN 2024

"GG Bond: Diary of Dinosaurs"

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Winsing Animation announces the official premiere of its animated feature film, "GG Bond: Diary of Dinosaurs", set to captivate audiences in major cinemas across the CIS territory starting January 25th. The film will unfold its charm on approximately 700 screens, spanning over 1500 cinemas.

Packed with humor, heart, and excitement, the colorful animated feature, designed in a modern visual style promises a delightful cinematic experience for family viewing. The film narrates the compelling story of Yaya, whose father, a heroic herbivorous dinosaur, sacrificed himself defending their homeland against carnivorous dinosaurs. As Yaya befriends GG Bond, she embarks on a journey to conquer her inner fears and, following in her father's footsteps, stands resolute in the face of carnivorous dinosaur re-invasion.

As the sixth feature film of Winsing Animation - "Diary of Dinosaurs" has triumphed in the Chinese box office, accumulating a remarkable US$12 million in gross revenue and setting new records during its screening period. The film also made a splash in South Korea, premiering across CGV, LOTTE CINEMA, and MEGABOX Cinemas.

Furthermore, with the animated feature film of the GG Bond franchise, Winsing continues to explore journey in collaboration and distribution worldwide.

Winsing Animation sets to showcase "TEAM S.T.E.A.M.!" and the highly anticipated anime series "Shadows of the Void" at the Content Americas event from January 23 to January 25. Simultaneously, the newest season of "GG Bond: Racing" series is scheduled for launch on major TV stations and platforms in China on February 17.