29 NOV 2019


Workpoint's most popular TV show has been licensed to Bayon Radio and Television. Previously, the tv show has sold in Indonesia and Malaysia.


“Mic On Debt Off”, Workpoint’s most popular TV show, will has a Cambodian version after the sales of the format to Bayon Radio and Television. The new version will has 16 episodes and it will be produced under the name “Mic On Debt Off Cambodia” or “Mea Cro Dos Bom Nol”) and is scheduled to premiere on Saturday 7th December 2019 on Bayon TV Channel.

The program was previously licensed to Indonesia and Malaysia and the original version has also produced for over 700 episodes in Thailand. On 17th November 2019, Workpoint’s consulting team visited Bayon TV studio in Cambodia for consultation on the first shooting and the team were warmly welcomed by the staff. “We hope that this show will be successful in Cambodia,” said Workpoint team.

On the other hand, Workpoint will be attending ATF in Singapore from December 4th to 6th where the Thai company will offer the best tv shows and formarts from Thailand.