6 DEC 2023

Echo Gu: “We increased the content we produce to 4,000 minutes annually”

The VP of Winsing Animation details the company's different business areas and explains the objectives in Asia and MENA territories.

6 DEC 2023

Echo Gu

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Winsing Animation has been committed to original IP creation, production, and distribution since 2003. Its business has also encompassed licensing and merchandising, brand marketing, stage plays, theme parks, and toy development. Echo Gu, VP of Winsing Animation, spoke with Señal News and stated the company's global expansion strategy.

What are Winsing Animation's main projects for DICM and ATF?
"We will showcase four latest IPs that gained much attention during Mipcom. 'Shadows of the Void' is Winsing's debut anime series; the title is a thrilling 3D sci-fi and hot-blooded series for teenagers and young adults, featuring two heroines whose interlaced destinies lead them on an astonishing trip. 'Mega Meow' is a 3D animated series for children ages 6 to 9. It occurs on a magical planet where alien cats can transform into humanoid superheroes fighting to protect Earth. Furthermore, we will launch 'Mongo,' an animated slapstick comedy series that follows naughty husky Hubro, ginger cat Habibi, and parrot Heddy, who cause mischief around the house. The series has no conversation, which eliminates translation barriers and captivates audiences of all ages. In addition, we are also planning to launch a racing-related series, 'Racing-Velocity City.' This heart-pounding show is set to take viewers on a wild journey through the exciting world of motorsports. An unprecedented blend of stunning visuals and intense competition will be well-delivered to the audience."

How would you define Winsing's performance in the MENA and Asian territories?
"In the Asian market, Winsing already enjoys a sizable fan base and several reliable partners. However, we also highly value collaboration with the Middle East and North Africa region. Therefore, to expand the company's influence in the area, we want to strengthen the large audience and engagement by establishing strategic partnerships and producing high-quality content that resonates with the partner regions. It will be Winsing's first venture into the DICM, and we are immensely excited about its possibilities. Besides seeking new distribution deals, we hope to discover more in-depth brand/toy partners. Additionally, we believe that DICM will help us forge deep and lasting partnerships with animation media companies in the MENA for brand development, distribution, and production. Winsing is poised to make a lasting impact."

Winsing has consumer products and event production divisions. What is the latest news on these segments?
"Our consumer products and event productions divisions continue to evolve. We had the 'New Products Fall Launch Event' in August. Six new toylines based on the popular animation properties, 'GG-Bond' and 'Gogobus,' were unveiled at the event, along with their related recent animated seasons to debut. GG-Bond and the fitness App 'Keep' also recently announced a cross-border co-branding campaign. Participants must run a specific number of kilometers to get the GG-Bond style medal. This activity not only involves a large number of people but also greatly maximizes the brand value. We plan captivating live events and immersive experiences to bring our IPs to life, providing an even deeper connection between our content and the audience. The amount of content produced by Winsing has increased to 4,000 minutes annually. Our shows have been aired on over 100 TV stations and platforms worldwide, including BeIN and 1001TV in Qatar, and translated into over ten languages. Winsing's brand licensing division has done exceptionally well in China this year. The toy export business has also grown steadily, and the 'Gogobus' series toys are sold in South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, CIS, and other regions."

How do you analyze the company's growth in 2023, and what are the goals for 2024?
"2023 has been a significant year for Winsing. 'GG-Bond,' Winsing's evergreen IP, has gone viral on the Internet, garnering billions of discussions and UGC content worldwide. We've achieved strong growth in viewership, secured promising partnerships, and continued to develop our original IPs. Looking ahead to 2024, our main objectives are to diversify our content, expand our global reach, and create innovative experiences for our audiences. We will also continue laying out the IP matrix of all age groups, developing new audiences and consumption scenarios, and upgrading our brand value and marketing potential."

By Romina Rodriguez