27 OCT 2021

Is hybrid TV viewing the new normal in Europe?

71% of European audiences now watch a combination of traditional TV and CTV content, according to Magnite’s “CTV is for Everyone: 2021” report.

27 OCT 2021

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Hybrid TV viewing is the new normal in Europe, as 71% of European audiences now watch a combination of traditional TV and CTV content. At the same time, 30% of households say they watch mostly CTV delivered content, whereas only 22% watch traditional TV exclusively, Magnite discovered in its latest report.

The “CTV is for Everyone: 2021” report also found that the CTV audience mirrors Europe’s diverse profile. According the Magnite, streamers match the national profile, whereas the traditional television audience skews older and consequently underdelivers younger audiences.

Simultaneously, CTV’s reach goes beyond the boundaries of language and location, as it is not limited to the constraints of language and location in the same way traditional programming is. “The flexibility of CTV meets the needs of modern audiences who wish to watch niche or foreign language content,”  the report says.

Moreover, CTV better caters to the newly emerging conscious consumer: 80% of CTV viewers said they are more likely to pay attention to ads from brands that are in line with their lifestyle and opinions, and attentive viewers are much more likely (65%) to make a purchase after seeing an ad versus those who are passively watching.

Lastly, the report revealed that ad-supported programming is becoming a primary way CTV viewers watch content. The Ad-free content such as Netflix and Disney+ no longer dominate CTV content consumption, and CTV viewers now watch an almost equal amount of ad-supported content. In fact, 85% of CTV viewers in Europe watch ad-supported content.

“The rapid adoption of CTV viewing has led to better services for consumers and provided a scaled solution for advertisers looking to supplement their traditional TV buying. This has strengthened the entire TV ecosystem and delivered new diverse audiences essential for businesses looking to future-proof their TV strategies,”  commented Graeme Lynch, VP of Demand, EMEA, at Magnite.

Magnite’s “CTV is for Everyone: 2021” report was based on a study of 5.000 people across the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The target group was television consumers aged 16 years and older, including the 65+ age category, who watch television regularly (at least seven hours a week).