26 FEB 2024

USA: sports fans are willing to sign up to new platforms

These findings stem from a recent study undertaken by Hub Entertainment Research. The research suggests access to sports does indeed strongly influence viewers’ choice of platform.

26 FEB 2024

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Sports appear to be more influential than anticipated, as indicated by the recent study from the consulting firm Hub Entertainment Research titled "What's the Score: The Evolution of Sports Media." The study was conducted last January and involved interviews with 3016 U.S. sports fans aged 13 to 74. Next, let's review some of its main findings.

First, sports fans prioritize sports content over other forms of entertainment. Nearly 80% of sports fans assert that, during the season, content related to their favorite sport holds greater significance than other television content. Over a third (36%) emphasize that it is significantly more important than other types of content.

Secondly, sports possess the ability to sway viewers' choices of platforms. Among avid sports fans, 75% expressed a likelihood of subscribing to a new streaming service if it was necessary to access coverage of their preferred sport. But that's not all: fans exhibit varying preferences in adopting streaming services based on the sports they follow. Nevertheless, as a general trend, 70-80% of dedicated fans express willingness to contemplate adding a new subscription. Notably, half of NFL, NBA, and Premier League enthusiasts state they would be "very likely" to consider signing up for a new platform if accessing content related to their favorite sports. became necessary

How does this trend solidify within the overall content landscape? The trend seems to suggest that shifts in sports distribution will cascade to engagement with other content. Jon Giegengack, principal at Hub, referred to the influence of sports consumption within the streaming wars: "These findings reinforce that sports content will have a significant impact on the next stage of the streaming wars and might entirely settle them. There are numerous sports fans whose dedication to the sports they follow surpasses any other television content. Despite the increasing costs of broadcasting rights, they may prove to be the most lucrative investment: providing hours of unique content with a built-in audience that faithfully tunes in every season," explained.