31 OCT 2023

Movistar Plus+ begins filming a new original series, "Querer"

The four-part original series created, directed and written by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, will become available on the platform in 2024.

31 OCT 2023

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Movistar Plus+ confirmed plans to debut its original series, "Querer" in 2024.

"Querer" is an original Movistar Plus+ series in collaboration with Kowalski Films and Feelgood Media. Filming will continue for 11 weeks, until next January, in different locations in Bizkaia. On Monday 23 October, filming began in Bilbao, 'Querer' is the first television series directed by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa. The series will star Nagore Aranburu, Pedro Casablanc, Miguel Bernardeau, Iván Pellicer and Loreto Mauleón.

 Starring Nagore Aranburu, Pedro Casablanc, Miguel Bernardeau, Iván Pellicer and Loreto Mauleón, the four-episode series features Sergi Gallardo as director of photography. Zaloa Ziluaga is in charge of the art direction and Marta Murillo of the costume. Itziar García Zubiri is the production director. Juan Moreno and Koldo Zuazua are the executive producers.

After her recent national and international success with ‘Lullaby’, director Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, winner of three Goya awards, creates and co-writes her first series that will be coming to Movistar Plus+ soon. An authorial project in which she turns her personal creative universe. Movistar Plus+ International manages the international sales of the series.  Considered one of the most influential Spanish directors after winning the Goya for Best New Director for ‘Lullaby’, Ruiz de Azúa signs, along with Eduard Sola and Júlia de Paz, the scripts for the four episodes that make up this series.

In "Querer," Miren goes to the police station with her lawyer and denounces her husband for continuous rape during a marriage, perfect for everyone who knows them, which has lasted more than 30 years. Her husband claims not to have done anything wrong and feels a victim, outraged and wronged. Their eldest son decides to support his father because he himself is afraid of having crossed that line. Their youngest son decides to support his mother because he has also felt that invisible violence.