17 APR 2024

Touch Inflight Solutions partnered with Parrot Analytics to deliver data-driven inflight entertainment experiences

The partnership will allow Touch Inflight to predict passenger entertainment preferences, aiming to drive satisfaction and loyalty for its airline partners.

17 APR 2024

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Touch Inflight Solutions, provider of next-generation inflight entertainment (IFE) solutions, announced an expanded partnership with global entertainment analytics company Parrot Analytics. This collaboration will enable Touch to deliver unique, data-driven content strategies to its airline partners, allowing them to offer passengers entertainment that aligns with their evolving tastes.

With this partnership, Touch gained access to a wider range of insights and data, including unlimited access to the world's largest behavior, affinity, and audience insight datasets for TV, movies, and talent; daily demand data dating back to 2015; extensive analysis capabilities and visualization frameworks; and proprietary context metrics and demand data.

João Chaves, Vice President of Customer Services and Operations at Touch, said: “The importance of aligning content strategies with passenger interests cannot be overstated. This necessity stems from the diversity of the audience and their continually evolving tastes. In the fast-paced world of entertainment, staying relevant requires agility and insight. Parrot Analytics stands as a crucial tool in this context, offering the capability to deeply understand passenger preferences, enabling the effective curation of personalized content recommendations designed to precisely match the specific preferences of each passenger.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Touch to empower airlines to deliver exceptional in-flight entertainment experiences,” said Alejandro Rojas, VP Applied Analytics, Parrot Analytics. “Incorporating comprehensive global audience demand data will help with efficient programming when licensing content for airlines. This way airlines differentiate themselves by delivering content that matches each passenger’s taste and mood on every domestic or international route in every market of origin or destination.”

As Touch continues its expansion, partnering with global airlines like Delta, LATAM, and Air New Zealand, this collaboration with Parrot Analytics will enhance its ability to understand the specific tastes of their passengers. This understanding empowers Touch to predict future trends accurately, creating inflight entertainment experiences that enhance passenger satisfaction and foster deeper brand relationships. Moreover, this partnership underscores the industry-wide shift towards personalized experiences. In a competitive landscape, this positions airlines to differentiate themselves by using data-driven insights to transform inflight entertainment.