13 MAY 2024

TRT's tabii reached 4 million subscribers in its first year

The platform has undergone its first international testing phase in selected countries, with plans to expand into more markets later in 2024.

13 MAY 2024

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Turkish company TRT announced its global streaming service, tabii, has seen remarkable success in its first year since its launch in May 2023, reaching 4 million subscribers in Türkiye. Inspired by TRT's globally acclaimed productions and storytelling, tabii has captured the attention of millions of viewers worldwide, offering over 20,000 hours of diverse content and showcasing more than 30 original productions in a year. In addition, tabii offers its original content in up to 5 different languages, providing a multilingual option, and has undergone its first international testing phase in selected countries, with plans to expand into more markets later in 2024.

In addition to launching with an unprecedented number of more than 30 originals, over the past year tabii has also premiered additional original shows such as “Mahsusa”, “Free Sky”, “Rumi Season 2” and “Deep Purple”.

During the first anniversary celebration of tabii, TRT Director General Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zahid Sobacı stated: “Our initial aim with tabii was to establish a digital sanctuary that caters to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, offering content that feels like home and resonates with their preferences. Achieving this milestone within our inaugural year fills us with great excitement. tabii's rapid progress sets the stage for our future endeavors. Our goal is to expand our global presence by delivering family-friendly, value-driven, and wholesome content.”

Within its inaugural year, tabii forged significant partnerships to fulfill one of its visions of global accessibility. One notable collaboration was with Turkish Airlines. Through this partnership, tabii’s original productions are featured in a special category on Turkish Airlines’ international flights. Travelers from around the world can now enjoy tabii originals such as “Rumi”, “Free Sky”, “Say No More!”, “The Last Day”, “The Supporting Actor”, “The Raven: Deep Darkness” and “Golden Apple: The Grand Conquest” with subtitles and dubbing in Turkish, English, Spanish, Arabic, and Urdu.

Currently hosting over 30 original productions, tabii will continue to introduce new content, including highly anticipated new seasons of original shows and licensed films, series, and award-winning documentaries that have garnered acclaim at festivals. Moreover, TRT has secured a significant partnership, signing an agreement for TRT channels to show live matches in Türkiye for 3 years starting from 2024-2025 season. TRT 1, TRT Spor and tabii will screen live UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Conference League.