Tubi will debut more than 100 original titles in the next 12 months

Fox Entertainment’s streaming service Tubi announced that it will debut more than 100 original titles in the next 12 months, doubling down on programming.


Fox Entertainment’s streaming service Tubi announced that it will debut more than 100 original titles in the next 12 months, doubling down on programming.Over the past year, Tubi delivered explosive growth, with 51 million active users announced last quarter and a record-breaking 3.6 billion hours watched in 2021, a 40% year-over-year increase in total viewing time (TVT). As the fastest-growing AVOD service in terms of consumer awareness, Tubi delivers diverse, massive and incremental audiences at scale.

Tubi has seen double-digit growth in all audience segments over the past year — with the most growth among college educated and affluent demos. With an average viewer 16+ years younger than non-streamers, Tubi’s audience is nationally representative across geographic, economic and educational segments, and includes a large multicultural audience, comprising 40% of its user base.

Following a record-breaking year, Tubi is cementing its commitment to original content, including Black Cinema, thriller, horror, sci-fi, romance and adult animation genres; and also providing a new opportunity for brands to integrate early during the development of its originals slate. Tubi’s library comprises more than 40.000 titles, the largest in free ad-supported streaming.

Tubi will expand its linear offerings to complement the platform’s current lineup of more than 100 sports and local news channels. Channels for Fox Entertainment’s “The Masked Singer,” TMZ and Studio Ramsay Global’s “Gordon Ramsay” will join Tubi Originals and Tubi en Español, which will soon be available on the platform. In addition, Tubi will continue to maximize synergy throughout the Fox portfolio – including co-productions with Emmy Award-winning animation studio Bento Box Entertainment, MarVista Entertainment, as well as monthly documentaries and specials from Fox Alternative Entertainment and TMZ, respectively.

“Tubi’s approach of personalization allows for content for every community, and our record growth shows it is working. We’re doubling down on this approach while delivering our brand partners transparency and an opportunity to reach incremental, diverse and highly engaged consumers,”  said Mark Rotblat, Chief Revenue Officer at Tubi.

Tubi recently released “Campaign Insights,” an analysis that brings together unique content groupings, and “Content Clusters,” with rich audience information, and gives brands the ability to match audience and context, just like on TV, but with the power and transparency of digital. Tubi’s latest ad solutions for brands provide actionable insights across the marketing funnel, complementing its Certified Measurement Program, which includes partnerships and integrations with leading measurement companies such as TVSquared, Foursquare and Kantar. Together with Tubi’s low ad load and Advanced Frequency Management tool, which caps exposure at the campaign level regardless of demand source, Tubi’s ad tech also includes organic in-app placements, prime pod positioning and integrated marketing opportunities that complement the viewer experience while driving impact.

Last week, Tubi announced that it’s working with Nielsen on an expansion of its relationship as one of the first AVOD services that will offer complete measurement across its entire footprint of more than 25 devices, advancing advertisers’ needs for third-party measurement.

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