15 NOV 2023

VA Media seals new content license partnerships for owned & operated channels

Included in the new deals are Dynamic Television, Encripta, Jackrabbit Media, and Good Deed Entertainment.

15 NOV 2023

Mark Ashbridge

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After attending MIPCOM 2023 with a full licensing team from their Melbourne, Sydney, and Los Angeles offices, AFM 2023, and headed into MIP Cancun 2023, VA Media announced several new content licensing partnerships for their Owned & Operated channels. Included in the new deals are Dynamic Television, with several top-quality feature films, Encripta, with Portuguese language features and series for VA’s soon-to-launch Portuguese language channel, Jackrabbit Media, with both English and Spanish titles, and Good Deed Entertainment with a variety of action, horror, and documentary selections.

Mark Ashbridge, CEO of VA Media stated, “Expanding our global licensing partnerships with top-tier companies such as Dynamic, Encripta, Jackrabbit, and Good Deed Entertainment allows VA Media the opportunity to grow our overall network subscriber base, reach wider audiences, and monetize content at industry-high CPMs for our partners. VA has paid out over USD $5 million in royalties in the last financial year and we’re looking to grow that number in FY24.”

“As the end of the market season grows near, we are excited to begin content licensing relationships with several new companies that will ultimately allow VA to bolster our channel offerings both in terms of content quality and language variety,” said VA’s Head of Content Partnerships & Acquisitions, Kristen Bedno. “We take great pride in the caliber of our relationships and services at VA Media and look forward to continued expansion of our content provider partnerships.”

VA Media continues to grow its position as a leading global AVOD network with over 120 million monthly views and17 Owned & Operated channels including the flagship Movie Central, True Crime Central, Horror Central, and the recently-launched Movie Central en Español. Movie Central em Portugues will launch before the end of 2023.