25 AUG 2022

ViX+ to launch a new original comedy film, “Las Vocales”

Produce by TelevisaUnivision, the film will be available on the Spanish-language service from August 31st.

25 AUG 2022

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A new movie comes to ViX+. “Las Vocales,” an original comedy, will be exclusively available on the recently launched premium Spanish-language subscription streaming service launched in the U.S., Mexico, and most of Spanish-speaking Latin America. From TelevisaUnivision, directed by Silvia Tort and written by Ricardo Aviles, the film stars actresses Gabriela De La Garza, Ana Gonzalez Bello, Thanya López, Italivi Orozco, Rocío Verdejo and Ligia Uriarte.

“Las Vocales” tells the story of Claudia, a single mom who tries her best to find the balance between motherhood and work. When her son Chuchin receives a scholarship to enter a prestigious school, Claudia must face a new world of responsibilities filled with WhatsApp group chats, endless tasks, and parent meetings. But also, she must fight against an elite group of moms who own the school's decisions and make her entrance into the school’s community difficult

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