Annecy MIFA 2024: Animation From Spain features a packed agenda of activities

In this edition of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France, 60 companies and more than 100 delegates will represent animation from Spain.

11 JUN 2024

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Companies under the Animation From Spain umbrella are set to have a significant presence at the upcoming MIFA edition within the framework of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France. Networking activities, matchmaking sessions, industry panels, and several nominated works in various festival categories highlight the prominence of Spanish animation in this new edition.

Several activities will reinforce the Spanish presence at the upcoming MIFA edition of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France. In total, 60 Spanish companies and over 100 delegates will represent the best of the country's animation.

On June 12, from 9 to 11 am, “Breakfast: matchmaking space (Telefilm Canada & ICEX - Spain)” will take place. Up to 40 participants (20 Canadian and 20 Spanish participants) will attend, during which meetings will be held between companies from both countries to facilitate co-production opportunities. In total, 27 Canadian companies and 30 Spanish companies have applied. This activity is also a continuation of a series of events promoting collaboration between the Spanish and Canadian sectors. For example, on May 24, a webinar was held between Spain and Canada, featuring Ken Proulx, Director, Partnership & Export at Telefilm Canada, Carmen Jordán, Director of Creative Industries at ICEX, Verónica Buide, president of the Association of Women in the Animation Industry (MIA), and Constance Richard, Consultant and Supervisor of the RDVCANADA I Animations Program.

Also, on June 12, from 4 pm to 5:15 pm, there will be an event to discover, through a showcase of content, the latest developments in the Spanish animation industry, named “The Spanish Animation Industry in the Spotlight”. The goal is also to explore opportunities for collaboration and co-production with Spain. Some of the featured content includes details about “El Sueño de la Sultana”, directed by Isa Herguera and produced by Diego Herguera, “Mariposas Negras”, directed by David Baute and produced by Edmon Roch, and “Rock Bottom”, produced by Alba Sotorra and directed by María Trenor, the first female director in official competition. Additionally, “Rock Bottom” participated in the first Women in Animation from Spain pitch session organized by ICEX/ICAA in 2022. María Trénor's film will compete in the Official Competition Section, while David Baute and Isabel Herguera's works will be seen in the Contrechamp section.

Participants in this special session will include: Isabel Herguera, director, screenwriter, producer, and art director at Sultana Films; Diego Herguera Acosta, producer at Sultana Films; Edmon Roch, producer at Ikiru Films; Daysi Cruz Cid, business development director at Morgana VFX & Motion; Carlos F. De Vigo, CEO & founder of DR. Platypus & Ms. Wombat; Álvaro García González, executive producer and development at Hampa Studio; Alba Sotorra Clua, producer at Alba Sotorra Cinema Productions; María Trénor, director at Alba Sotorra Cinema Productions; and Carolina López Caballero, session moderator and director of the ANIMAC Festival.

This year, several Spanish projects will compete in different categories: “El cambio de rueda” (“The Change of the Wheel”) by Begoña Arostegui and produced by Ferdydurke Films (Category: Perspectives); “Etorriko da” (“When It Comes”) by director Izibene Oñederra Aramendi (Category: Official Short Film Competition); “Alice Diary's” with Hampa Studio in co-production (Category: TV Films); “Olivia and the Invisible Earthquake” by Irene Iborra (Citoplasmas Stopmotion and Cornelius Films), out of competition in the Work in Progress section. In the Annecy Presents section, Juan (Galo) Galocha and Pedro Solís will premiere their film “Buffalo Kids”.

On June 13, from 10:45 am to 12:00 pm, there will be a presentation of the projects selected to participate in the activity called “Women in Animation from Spain”, a special event where six projects led by women from the main Spanish animation companies will be presented, seeking international co-production partners. The selected projects, in order of presentation, are: “Jasmine & Jambo” (Marta Alonso, producer, Silvia Cortés, director); “Something in the House” (Carla Pereira Docampo, director, screenwriter, and producer); “Eva & Evariste” (Lorena Ares Lago, director); “Wixi Against the Binary Lens” (María Sol Cifuentes Corral, executive producer); “Azul's Journey” (Aline Romero, director); and “Only Rats” (Paz Carre de la Portilla, director, Leticia Montalvá Sánchez, producer).