ATF 2023: Bomanbridge announces slate of factual sales ahead of the market

The sales slate is headed by an 11-hour package with Warner Bros. Discovery for its Discovery Asia channel in Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as sales in South Korea; Thailand; the Philippines; Japan; Singapore and Hong Kong.


"A Game of Secrets"


Bomanbridge Media warms up for ATF with a slate of factual sales in Asia, driven by its strong wildlife programming and recent collaboration on Autentic Distribution’s catalogue, which includes renowned Terra Mater Studios productions. The sales slate is headed by an 11-hour package with Warner Bros. Discovery for its Discovery Asia channel in Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which includes 2022 BAFTA winner "My Childhood, My Country: 20 Years in Afghanistan" (1x60’) directed by Phil Grabsky and Shoaib Sharifi. Also included are 2-parter "In Search of the Snow Leopards – Chasing Shadows" from Bedi Films and Autentic Distribution, and "Urak Lawoi: Brothers of the Sea" (1x60’) from Reafilma and El Cañonazo Multimedia that tells the incredible story of a community that continues to practice an ancient and risky underwater fishing technique, unique in the world.

Bomanbridge’s strong ties with KBS continue with the South Korean pubcaster picking up a handful of nature titles, including multi award-winning "The Hummingbird Effect" (1x60’), a co-production of Terra Mater Studios and THIRTEEN Productions in association with PBS, CPB and WNET produced by Coneflower Films Studios, together with "The View From On High" (1x60’) from Terra Mater Studios, and "Thailand’s Wild Cats" (1x60’) from West One International.

Terra Mater Studios productions are also behind the 38-hour package with Thailand’s TPBS that includes "Once Upon a Time in Tsavo" (2x60’), "Surviving the Wild North" (1x60’) and "American Legacies" (1x60'). Bomanbridge also secured sales for Terra Mater Studios, in Taiwan, where PTS also acquired the first two titles, as well as "Hippo King" (1x60’), a New York Festival TV and Media award winner.

In the Philippines, GMA acquired a 21-hour wildlife package that includes Terra Mater Studios films "The Loco- Motion Picture" (1x60’) and "Reasons to Love" (1x60’), together with "Wild Kingdoms" (3x60’) from West One International and "Wild Family Ties" (4x60’) from Wild Stories. "Wild Family Ties" was also acquired by NHK Enterprises in Japan.

Mediacorp in Singapore secured a 72-hour Natural History deal for its meWatch platform that includes "Wild and Wonderful Denmark" (5x60’ from DR), "Wild Latam" (9x60’ from Wild Stories), "Wild Dynasties" (3x60’ from West One International) and "Epic Yellowstone" (4x60’ from Earth Touch).

Finally, Bomanbridge secured two package deals in Hong Kong. TVB acquired a 12-hour Arts package that includes "Tokyo Stories" (1x60’) and "Pissarro: The Father of Impressionism" (1x60’), both from Seventh Art Productions’ successful Exhibition On Screen franchise. Meanwhile, "I, Claude Monet" (1x90’) and "Young Picasso" (1x90’) - two other Seventh Art productions - are part of a 30-hour package with PCCW that highlights the demand for feature docs. It also includes the premium docu feature, "A Game of Secrets" that looks at the fall-out of the publication of secret documents on the Football Leaks website (1x90’ produced by DRIVE and Wingman for DR, SVT, NRK and RTS), as well as the real-life uncover thriller "The Mole: Undercover in North Korea" (1x120’) from Piraya Film, Wingman Media co-produced with BBC, DR, SVT and NRK.