ATF 2023: Winsing Animation brings new projects to the market

The company will introduce "Mega Meow", "Shadows of the Void", "Mongo" and "Racing-Velocity City" to the Singapore attendees.


Winsing Animation new projects


Winsing Animation will make a big return to the ATF Asia TV Forum after a four-year hiatus. The highly anticipated comeback will showcase Winsing's commitment to pushing the boundaries of animated entertainment and making a lasting impact on the global stage.

The return to ATF comes with a lineup of exciting new IP's, encompassing a range of genres and themes, and catering to both established fans and new audiences. The company will introduce "Mega Meow", an exciting mecha adventure featuring adorable feline heroes saving humanity. "Shadows of the Void", Winsing's first anime for Gen Z, tells a passionate tale with dual heroines.

For humor and heartwarming moments, Winsing is bringing "Mongo"—a 2D slapstick series about lovable pets and "Racing-Velocity City" for high-octane motorsports and unbreakable friendships.

In the upcoming ATF this year, Winsing invites industry peers, media representatives, and enthusiasts to gather at booth M12-6, where they will present their latest projects, share insights into the animation-making process, and explore potential collaborations for brand development, distribution, and production.

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