iABC, Annecy, and Telefilm: Winsing Animation's upcoming global IP tours

China's leading company is set to participate in iABC and CICAF in Hangzhou, Annecy in France, and Telefilm in Vietnam with its popular IPs and new collaborations on brands.

27 MAY 2024

"Shadow of the Voids"

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Winsing Animation will be attending several upcoming industry events, including iABC and CICAF in Hangzhou (May 28 - June 2), the Annecy International Animation Festival in France (June 9 - 15), and Telefilm in Vietnam (June 6 - 8). At these events, Winsing will showcase its lineup of IPs, featuring evergreen favorites "GG Bond" and "GOGOBUS", alongside new and exciting programs like "Mongo" and "Shadows of the Void."

This international trade markets presence demonstrates Winsing's commitment to expanding its global reach and connecting with potential partners and distributors worldwide. The company's diverse IP portfolio caters to a wide range of audiences, offering animation for everyone from action-packed adventures to heart-warming comedies.

At the Annecy International Animation Festival, Winsing will participate in a special presentation on June 11th to unveil its latest slate of projects. The presentation will introduce the company's new feature film, "Fall into the Mortal World" (working title), a captivating tale centered around family. Additionally, the company will showcase "The Mewtations", a unique and action-packed animated film currently seeking international partners, and "Shadow of the Voids", the first original anime production. Throughout the Annecy event, Winsing Animation will also be open for meetings with potential partners and distributors.

With a diverse portfolio of IPs and a passion for animation, Winsing Animation is poised for continued growth and expansion in the international marketplace.