MIPCOM 2023: Winsing Animation to bring three new IP's

China's digital animation and film production company will highlight "Shadows of the Void", "Mega Meow", and "Mongo", along with its well-established TV series.


"Shadows of the Void"


Winsing Animation is heading to MIP Junior and MIPCOM with the aim to promote various properties to potential partners worldwide. China's digital animation and film production company will particularly highlight the three new titles "Shadows of the Void", "Mega Meow", and "Mongo", along with its well-established TV series "Kung Fu Pork Choppers" Season 5-6, the new space-themed series "GOGOBUS Mars Trip", as well as a new animated feature film - "GG Bond Racing 72H". Specifically, "Shadows of the Void" will be featured at the "Fresh Content China Presentation" within the MIPCOM China Pavilion on October 16th at 4:45pm.

Winsing sets to significantly impact MIPCOM 2023 by showcasing three exciting new productions that promise to captivate audiences worldwide. Among them, "Shadows of the Void" ("XUWU") stands out as Winsing's first animated series tailored for Gen Z, a sci-fi and hot-blooded program targeting anime enthusiasts. "XUWU", the greatest disaster in the world. Human has to ally together to fight against the monsters. As civilization hangs in the balance, a new generation of warriors stand out, determined to overcome the darkness and reach for the light. The first season of "Shadows of the Void" is set to premiere on Bilibili in Spring 2024, with international distribution opportunities to explore.

Another exciting addition to Winsing's lineup is "Mega Meow", a mecha-action kids' animation designed for 6 to 9-year-olds. This captivating series unfolds on the ancient and mysterious Meow Planet, home to the coveted treasure box of energy sprites. However, an evil force, the dark Meewoo organization, orchestrates the theft of this box to seize control of the Earth. To stop Meewoo's plot and safeguard the Earth, the Meow Warriors are dispatched. Comprising four remarkable cat heroes, these warriors possess the unique ability to transform into human-like forms using their cat bells and engaging with their superpowers. "Mega Meow" is a thrilling tale highlighting the importance of teamwork, courage, and determination.

The third new program is "Mongo", a delightful three-minute 2D animated slapstick comedy. This series revolves around three mischievous pets: Hubro the husky, Habibi the ginger cat, and Heddy the parrot. Together, this playful trio embarks on a variety of comical adventures within their home.

"Our participation in MIPCOM 2023 marks a significant milestone for Winsing Animation," said Echo Gu, VP at Winsing Animation. "We are excited to introduce our latest productions to a global audience and to explore new partnerships and opportunities in the international market."

Winsing welcomes everyone attending MIPCOM 2023 to stop by the booth (P-1.G1 China Pavilion Winsing Animation) to learn more about these fresh productions and look into potential licensing and distribution options.

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