Winsing's new feature film "Racing 72H" debuted on Chinese theatres

The 8th animated feature film of the Chinese company was released in the cinema the last April 29 in mainland China.

1 MAY 2023

"Racing 72H"

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"Racing 72H", the anticipated 8th animated feature film of Winsing has its theatrical released last April 29 in mainland China. Following successful seasons of animated TV series within the racing franchise internationally, "Racing 72H" is the first time Winsing brings the racing theme to the big screen, which has sparked trends and topics on the internet.

On April 21, the crew of "Racing 72H" appeared on the opening red carpet of the 13th Beijing International Film Festival, with the main character GG Bond in a mascot costume on stage, which drew great attention on the market.

The film begins with the star agent GG Bond invited to attend the opening ceremony of the latest season of the floating Racing City. However, GG Bond unexpectedly receives an urgent mission: the perpetual stone, aka the core energy source, which supports the city on the float, is stolen. At this stage, the racing city is about to collapse. GG Bond must find the stone within 72 hours! An exciting and thrilling adventure of race begins.

"Racing 72H" is about the racing competition while conveying the spirit of GG Bond’s optimism and determination. It is inevitable to encounter setbacks on the path of growth, but with the support of family, and the companionship of friends, one can hold firm to their beliefs and keep moving forward.

To narrate the story more vividly, "Racing 72H" reaches the next level of CGI techniques to present ultra-realistic race scenes and super stylish racing cars visually in parallel with an immersive audio experience at the cinema. All of these are supported by Winsing's experience in producing higher-quality animated feature films for over a decade.

At HKFilmart this year, the unveiling of "Racing" 72H attracted attention from international buyers. With its theatrical release, meanwhile, and a recent debut of several kids-targeted new animated series through main TV channels and online portals, Winsing continues to look for distribution opportunities worldwide.