Filmart 2024: Winsing launches a new feature film inspired by Chinese folk stories

The animated original "Fall into the Mortal Realm" will lead the company lineup along with its flagship preschooler and kids projects.

1 MAR 2024

"Fall into the Mortal Realm"

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Winsing Animation to be attending the upcoming HK Filmart, where it will not only set up an exhibition booth at Guangdong Pavilion 1B-G02 A35 but also actively engage in programs releasing event on March 12th at 10:40-11:00 am.

The updated Winsing lineup offers three new GG Bond series and one GOGOBUS series for preschooler as well as kids: "GG Bond: Racing" (7-8), "GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers" (7-8), "GG Bond: Dino Diary" (7-8) and "GOGOBUS Mas Trip" (15-16). For teens and anime fans, there are Chinese anime "Shadows of the Void" and non-dialogue slapstick comedy shorts "Mongo."

In addition, Winsing reveals details of "Fall into the Mortal Realm," (Chinese name: 落凡尘), its first anime film inspired by beautiful Chinese folk stories. Kingfon faces criticism for his mother's attachment to mortal life. Tasked with subduing the twenty-eight lunar mansions to redeem her actions, Kingfon meets Fan. Together, they complete their mission and uncover a monumental secret.

"Our mission has always been to share happiness and craft compelling Chinese stories," said Echo Gu, Vice President of Winsing Animation. "After four years of development and production, this film promises to captivate audiences with its exceptional production quality and distinctive storytelling, blending Eastern aesthetics with modern technology. At the same time, we remain proactive in exploring the international markets as well as licensing and merchandising to further enrich the IP ecology' of Winsing."