Winsing attends Shenzhen International Toy & Education Fair with flagship IPs and popular merchandise

Winsing will showcase "GG Bond" licensed products; as well as promote its new launched series "Shadows of the Void" and "Mongo".

5 APR 2024

Winsing Animation

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Winsing Animation will attend the upcoming Shenzhen International Toy & Education Fair 2024 (April 8th to 10th) with a plenty of IPs and various catagories of popular merchandise at the event, including "GG Bond,""GOGOBUS,""Shadows of the Void," and "Mongo."

The iconic character "GG Bond" continues to capture the hearts of with his adventurous spirit and dedication to protecting dreams. In recent years, GG Bond memes have taken the internet by storm, resonating with numerous young audiences and driving market demand. Winsing has responded swiftly introduced a range of GG Bond-themed trendy merchandise, including the GG Bond Squishy Toy, which sold over 200,000 units on the first day of its launch and surpassed a total of 1.5 million units in sales, claiming the top spot on various shopping app lists. At the expo, Winsing will showcase even more interesting licensed products for visitors to enjoy.

Catering to teens and families, Winsing's latest animated series "Shadows of the Void" (13x21’) is slated for an exclusive premiere on Bilibili on April 10th. Additionally, the delightful and comedic short series "Mongo" (60x5’) is set to debut in the first half of the year. As the major present at the exhibition, the two shows have built anticipation with its already high levels of pre-release excitement.

As Winsing continues to expand its portfolio, the company remains committed to forging new business partnerships for its exciting programs and IPs.