Bomanbridge Media's factual titles go global

Documentaries as well as Natural History and Wildlife and travel shows were sold to international broadcasters in North America, Latin America, Asia, Oceania and Europe.


"My Childhood, My Country: 20 Years in Afghanistan"


Bomanbridge Media announces a number of factual content sales to several international broadcasters. Sonia Fleck, CEO of the production and distribution company, says: “As always, we are very proud of the stellar quality of programming we offer. As testimony of Bomanbridge Media’s growth, we are enjoying a strong client demand, both from the new slate of Co-Production opportunities through platform partnerships and our First Look producer deals, as well as through our increased network of sales since the joining of Peter Pas, Commercial Director, based in London.”

CBC Canada, Disney Latin America and Rialto Channel New Zealand secured the rights to the extraordinary documentary "My Childhood, My Country: 20 Years in Afghanistan" (1x90’/2x60’), by award-winning filmmakers Phil Grabsky and Shoaib Sharifi. This epic documentary covering 20 years in the life of Mir, from a child to young man has just won 4 Best Documentary Awards and is now in the running for the Oscar nominations.

BBC Asia licensed the 3-part people & culture documentary "Through the Seasons – China", co-produced by CICC ­China. The show presents China’s dramatic and varied country in spectacular drone footage to reveal traditions, landscapes, and ways of life from above and below. It has also been picked up by TVB Hong Kong. BBC Asia additionally secured the rights to both seasons of "My Unique B&B" (15X60’ +15x30’), produced for BBC Two.

Discovery Asia acquired the Natural History and Wildlife shows "The Great Whale Rescue" (2x60’), "Wild Latam" (9x60’) and "Wild Dynasties" (3x60’), which has also been picked up by Thai Public Broadcasting, RTHK in Hong Kong and EBS Korea. CCTV China acquired a package of titles including "Wild Kingdom" (3x60’), "Trimates" (1x90’), "Secret World of Your Rubbish" (7x60’) and "Egypt from Above" (1x90’).

Japan’s NHK licensed special Christmas documentary "A Baby Reindeer’s First Christmas" (1x60’), "Wild & Wonderful Denmark" (5x60’) and "Ghost Killers" (1x60’), the latter two docs have also been picked up by Thai Public Broadcasting and CCTV China. The award-winning blue-chip documentary produced by DR, "Wild and Wonderful Denmark", was also acquired by PTS Taiwan. Truevision Thailand licensed a 60-hour package including "Good With Wood" (6x60’), produced for Channel 4, "Animal Ambulance" (8x30’) and the cutting-edge instructional fitness series "Strong by NM" (25x30’). TVNZ, SBS Australia and Canal+Poland acquired the food & travel series, "Paul Goes to Hollywood" (4x60).

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