17 MAR 2022

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution to features new drama series at Series Mania

During “Coming Next From Québec” conference, the Canadian distributor will present "Larry" staring by Benoît Gouin and Macha Limonchik and the Indigenous drama "Dear Flora".




CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution will be part of the Coming Next from Québec conference organized by the SODEC during the Series Mania Festival & Forum (Lille, France). In the showcase, Mia Desroches, Director, Content Distribution Partnerships for CBC & Radio Canada Distribution will talk about "Larry", an upcoming production featuring Benoît Gouin and Macha Limonchik. Larry is a former police officer who was disgraced over an accusation of corruption. Caught in the crossfire of a battle between two rival street gangs, he was unable to prevent his wife from being injured. The series' author Stéphane Bourguignon will participate at the conference, as well as Josée Desrosiers, CEO and producer for Avenue Production.

Accompanied by Sonia Bonspille Boileau (author and director), Mia will unveil the first images from the Indigenous drama "Dear Flora". This compelling new drama tells the story of two Anishinaabe children who grew up in the 1960s in an Indian Residential School and are now trying to make peace with their painful past.

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution will also be launching their updated catalogue, featuring two other new shows, "Lou & Sophie" ("Passez Go") and "The World Of Gabrielle Roy" ("Zone 3").

“Séries Mania and Coming Next from Québec are among the highlights of our year in distribution and a tremendous opportunity for our talents to shine on an international stage.” Says Mia Desroches. “We are extremely proud to launch two series’ that highlight the diversity in francophone Canadian productions.”

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