24 AUG 2020


The director of the event, Geraldine Gonard, announced that so far 250 people confirmed their attendance at the physic event and more than 400 will participate virtually in the panels, keynotes, pitches, and networking provided by the event platform.


Geraldine Gonard , Directora de CONECTA Fiction


A week after the start of Conecta FICTION Reboot, its director, Géraldine Gonard, gave a press conference with Navarra authorities to provide details of the hybrid edition of the event, which will take place from September 1 to 3 in its physical version in Pamplona and from 1 to 11 of the same month on the online platform.

Once again, the Baluarte Conference Center and Auditorium is the setting chosen to celebrate Conecta FICTION, this year it will have the attendance of 250 confirmed people (so far) and in total, more than 400 accredited people to participate in its virtual edition. "New people are adding every day," Gonard said. The Baluarte Conference Center and Auditorium will have all the security measures dictated by the Spanish government to preserve the health of all the actors involved.

Along with Gonard, participated in the press conference, Izaskun Goñi, Director General of Business Policy of the Government of Navarre, who stressed the importance of Conecta FICTION for “putting Navarra on the map of the international audiovisual sector” and Ignacio Apezteguia, Director General of Culture of the Government of Navarre, who said that the audiovisual sector reaches all corners of Navarra and that the region has great potential.

Likewise, Geraldine Gonard reviewed the four pillars that dominate the Conecta FICTION Reboot program, the panels, keynotes, pitchings, and networking. "We have tried to get closer to the needs of our participants by offering various activities in our program," Gonard said.

Afterward, the director of the event offered a general overview of the Conecta FICTION Reboot program, emphasizing the two ways of access and that the contents are specially developed to generate networking spaces, both physical and virtual. As an example, she mentioned the Cross-Talks with investors, the private online meetings called MEET-UP 1:1, and 1:5 speed datings sessions with up to 5 participants. She also mentioned that participants can directly manage their agenda through the web, watch the pre-recorded Keynotes, and review the catalogue with all the projects of the pitching sessions. In addition, we will have the Conecta Live Panels and other activities that will take place in person and will be available to participants on the platform until 11 September.

She also stressed that there will be moments during the event in which the platform will be giving universal access without registration, which will allow people to watch the Awards Gala live from Baluarte on September 2.

Over the next few days, the team will announce the protagonists of the exclusive interviews of Conecta FICTION Reboot as well as previews in the program that will be offered exclusively online from September 4 to 11, 2020.

The registration period for Conecta FICTION Reboot, in either of the two event formats (virtual and/or in person) is open since May 15th. Registration can only be done through the Conecta FICTION website.