In addition to the launches of ‘Renegade Archangel’, ‘Anti Kidnapping Unit’, and ‘All the Women in the World’, big hit telenovelas such as ‘A Life Worth Living’ and ‘Sweet Diva’ are the highlight at the event.


Globo will be present at the Virtual Screenings Autumn, which will happen virtually between 15 and 24 September, and gathers the main players in the content industry worldwide. During the event, Globo highlights a robust product catalog, which encompasses several genres, for the most diverse platforms – TV, OTT and Pay TV. It brings to the market new products such as the series ‘All the Women in the World’, ‘Anti Kidnapping Unit’, ‘Renegade Archangel’ and ‘Unsoul’, as well as telenovelas that are truly big hits, as ‘Sweet Diva’, award-winning products as ‘Orphans of a Nation’, light narratives as ‘A Life Worth Living’ and stories that show the power of love as ‘A Time to Love’.

According to Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo, the participation at the event confirms to the market the strength of the company’s product catalog, which has the potential to travel the world due to its diversity of genres, formats and relevant stories. “For Virtual Screenings, we are betting in a product catalog that involves from new products in short format, premium telenovelas and series with dynamic narratives, connected to themes in the current society”.

In regards to products in short formats, Globo emphasizes its participation at the Virtual Screenings taking new Globoplay original series – its OTT platform – in the international catalog, showing its versatility in encompassing different genres, from contemporary romantic comedies, electrifying police thrillers full of realism, to supernatural drama.

In ‘All the Women in the World’, the production, written by Jorge Furtado and inspired by the extensive work by famous playwright Domingos de Oliveira, brings, in a light, poetic, involving and fun, an anthology of stories of women and their forms of love through the character Paulo (Emilio Dantas), who experiences an unabated search for the love of his life.

In the police thriller genre, Globo highlights the launch of ‘Renegade Archangel’ and ‘Anti Kidnapping Unit’, which are marked by a script with intense rhythm, with surprising turns throughout the story. Written by José Junior, ‘Renegade Archangel’ deals with the system behind the slums in Rio de Janeiro, through the story of Mikhael, a violent and incorruptible police officer leading Archangel, the most effective team of the Special Operations Squad (BOPE). In order to make the miniseries even closer to reality, the production team counted on the participation of BOPE officers and former dealers in the cast. As of ‘Anti Kidnapping Unit’, it is based on real events and it takes place in the 1990s, in Rio de Janeiro, when the secretary of security in a city, a general from the dictatorship, and the police chief, a militant socialist, gather and call three corrupt cops and a police inspector famous for being genocidal to save the city from criminals, from the police, and from itself.

To complete this, the series ‘Unsoul’ unveils Globo’s entrance in the universe of supernatural thriller. Directed by Carlos Manga Jr, the production shows the story of a small village with Ukrainian roots in the countryside in the south of Brazil that ends up dealing with weird events involving the return of the organization of the main party in the city. Three women are marked by transformations and losses, some of them irreparable.

One of the main highlights among the telenovelas, ‘A Life Worth Living’ starts to go through a successful path in the international market. Written by Rosane Svartman and Paulo Halm, the production has a captivating narrative, which emphasizes the appreciation for life, dreams and sends a message of hope through the story of the friendship between the characters Paloma (Grazi Massafera) and Alberto (Antonio Fagundes), especially in a complicated moment in which the world currently is. The production is being broadcasted and captivating the audience currently in Portugal, remaining as the leading show in the local pay TV. Additionally, it recently premiered on the Teledoce channel in Uruguay.

As for the ‘Sweet Diva’ telenovela, considered as one of the key big hits by Globo, it keeps captivating the world with the story full of courage and overcoming obstacles with optimism of baker Maria da Paz (Juliana Paes). Currently being broadcasted by the Univisión channel, in the USA, the production signed by award-winning writer Walcyr Carrasco is ready for a long itinerary with stops around the world still in the second semester. It was also already licensed to countries such as Paraguay, Peru, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Honduras.

Still in the drama package, the period drama ‘A Time to Love’, directed by Jayme Monjardim and inspired by a real script by writer Rubem Fonseca, has as a highlight its narrative that links to the issues experienced by the current society and has love as the main connecting thread of a story full of turns and difficulties. The telenovela is being currently broadcasted by Teletica channel, in Costa Rica. And, to finalize this package brilliantly, Globo chose ‘Orphans of a Nation’, a telenovela that is signed by Thelma Guedes and Duca Rachid, received the Seoul Drama Awards 2020 and Rose D’or Awards 2019. With the issue of refugees as a background to create a vibrant story, the production was already licensed to more than 50 countries worldwide and is currently being broadcasted in Bolivia, on Red Uno channel.

‘Orphans of a Nation’ wins the top category of the Seoul International Drama Awards

The telenovela ‘Orphans of a Nation’ got the Grand Prize in the 15th edition of the Seoul Drama Awards, the most important entertainment award in Asia. The top prize among all categories highlights the work with more relevance, popularity and originality among the competitors. This is the second international award the telenovela written by Thelma Guedes and Duca Rachid received over the past few years – in 2019, it won the Rose D’Or Awards in the Serial Drama category.

Gustavo Fernández, artistic director of the telenovela, celebrates its international recognition. “Receiving this award is another joy this work has brought us. We were very fortunate to have this story so well received in Brazil, and now knowing that it is moving and resonating with people around the world is an even greater pleasure”, he celebrates. “Winning an award in 2020 that was won in previous years by ‘This is Us,’ ‘Babylon’ and ‘Berlin’, TV productions that are hugely worldwide makes us very proud”.  

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