20 MAY 2021


In the frame of its Formats Festival, ITV Studios showed great new proposals such as "The Void", "Unbeatable", and the exciting relationship competition series "I’d Do Anything For Love..But I Won’t Do That" with Meat Loaf as executive producer.


Martin Meijs, President Global Entertainment, ITV Studios


Since its Formats Festival in March, ITV Studios has added much more exciting productions to its catalog head to global buyers. In a new virtual Formats Festival, the UK company has presented outstanding programs such as "The Void", "Bling", Unbeatable", and the exciting relationship competition series "I’d Do Anything For Love...But I Won’t Do That", which features rock & roll legend, Meat Loaf.

The host AJ Odudu presented the newest ITV proposals alongside the view of their creators and producers. One of the most outstanding prime-time shows launched is "The Void", a high-octane physical game show launched this year on ITV. Made by Gameface Productions, each episode sees a new group of contestants take on a series of action-packed games against the clock or each other with the aim to make it across The Void without a spectacular fall from grace. The winner of each episode will get to take on The Void for one last time and a chance to win a jackpot of £25,000. "It's a primetime Saturday gameshow for ITV where contestants have to face a number of obstacles in order to get from a platform to another one across the void where there is a tank with 520,000 liters of water", explained Adam Adler, Managing director of Gameface productions.

Another great title launched by ITV is "I’d Do Anything For Love..But I Won’t Do That", which features rock & roll legend, Meat Loaf. The rock star has made a pact with the production company Nobody’s Hero to launch a brand new relationship competition show based on the name of his  Grammy Award single "I’d Do Anything For Love..But I Won’t Do That". "Christopher Potts and Jonty Nash from Nobody’s Hero were looking for a home for their creativity and ITV America created the environment for they coming, maintaining their creativity but providing all the production services and support that they needed to bring this show to life", commented Mike Beale, managing director, Global Creative Network, ITV Studios.

The show will see couples compete in a variety of comedic physical games designed to reveal how well they can work together and how much they really trust and believe in each other – all to a soundtrack of classic hits, performed live in studio by the original artists as well as new stars. “27 and a half years ago, I had an idea for a game show called ‘I Would Do Anything for Love…But I Won’t Do That.’ Now this game show was a relationship competition with a rock concert, what could be better? Nobody wanted it,” Meat Loaf shared.

From ITV Studios Germany comes "My Gay Best Friend, Me and My date", a brand new reality show that has been commissioned in the country. "'My Gay Best Friend' is a celebration of love and reflexes the modern society", said Christiane Ruff, Managing director, ITV Studios Germany

ITV also introduced a new game show called "Unbeatable", a new general knowledge-based quiz where four contestants can always give an answer but can they give the ‘Unbeatable’ answer and streak ahead of the competition to win a cash prize? This knockout competition is full of fun knowledge and easy to play along with for viewers at home. "Unbeatable" is a co-production between Possessed and 12 Yard, both part of ITV Studios, and is filmed in Glasgow.

On the other hand, Martin Meijs, President Global Entertainment, ITV Studios was in charge of presenting a new spin-off of "The Voice",  "The Voice Rap", a digital-first music competition developed specifically for the younger audience.  From Hip Hop to Mumble Rap, and Reggaeton to Pop music, talents will have to give it their all to impress the coaches with their distinctive style, rhythm, and poetry. The format was launched on the Turkish SVOD platform Exxen.

Other programs presented by Meijs were the new daytime show "Bling" created by Possessed and "The Pet Show" produced by ITV Entertainment and that which will be debuting very soon in the UK. Meijs also reminds global buyers of exciting formats presented in the Formats Festival that took place in March such as "Stacking It!" created through the co-development deal signed with Nippon TV. In the love segment, ITV Studios mentioned great global hits like "Love Island", "Let Love Rule" but also introduced a new romantic dating show created by ITV Studios Germany called "Love is Kind".

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