Mediawan Rights to launch "The Birth of a Conflict" at Sunny Side Of The Doc

The international marketplace for documentary and narrative content began today and will run through 23 June.


Mediawan Rights has confirmed its presence at the Sunny Side of the doc, the international marketplace for documentary and narrative experiences, from 20th to 23rd June. The documentary team of Mediawan Rights will launch sales for "The Birth of a conflict." 

Produced by Yaron Niski and narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, 2020, "The Birth of a Conflict" is a three-part documentary series exploring the deep-rooted origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The series chooses to focus on a perspective that has been repeatedly overlooked—the British Imperialist point of view and the historical lens of the 30-year-long Mandate in Palestine (1917-1948) during which the British Empire defended its goals and its own interests.

The series is rooted in broad and exciting research into the 30 years of the British Mandate in Palestine. Through a series of shocking discoveries and surprising testimonies, made possible thanks to exclusive secret British archival access and audio recordings from the Palestinian police, the program brings to light secrets and misunderstandings from this critical moment in history that have remained obscured for decades, and shows them on screen for the very first time.