MIA Market 2021: Nexo Digital kicks off global sales of "Reshape Empower Human Potential"

The original documentary series is an Emotion Network's project in cooperation with Facebook and co-produced by Lotus Production and it was purchased by Sky Arte for Italy.


"Reshape Empower Human Potential"


Nexo Digital launches international sales at MIA of "Reshape- Empower Human Potential", the 6-episode (6x30 min) docuseries on international leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, sport champions and successful artists, sharing their values and passions with exceptional Italian hosts. The original documentary is an Emotion Network's project in cooperation with Facebook and co-produced by Lotus Production, and it was purchased by Sky Arte for Italy.

"Reshape. Empower Human Potential" offers a gallery of interviews with people of uncommon vision, from special fields and with rare talents, that can inspire, release personal and collective potential, and show the way to striking a new delicate balance between emotions and technology, individual and community and, above all, between man and planet.

The docuseries takes off from Italy, from the excellence of its products and its territory, to explore a new dimension of living and doing business, where human beings with their emotions and passions add value to technological innovation processes, guiding them in a more ethical, sustainable, competitive direction.

The people taking part in this journey are exceptional leaders, sports champions, thinkers and entrepreneurs from all over the world, who connect with Italy and its stakeholders in building dialogues on the key issues of ‘Made in Italy’ products and the global economy, as well as shining a spotlight on the extraordinary potential that Italy still needs to unlock.

Topics such as tourism and hospitality, fashion and design, the bio-economy and sustainability, manufacturing and engineering, culture and education, all pave the way for a conversation that, starting from creating businesses and pursuing one's passions, extends from one episode to the next, towards a new idea of humanistic capitalism where technology and emotions come together to develop human potential to the fullest.

“Reshape. Empower Human Potential” eschews the notion that business, par excellence, cannot be attentive to human talent and flair. On the contrary: the reasoning behind the series is that it is fundamental for there to be reflective thinking in companies, as there is between artists and thinkers, and that the result should generate encounters between individuals that become pivotal to new ideas, intuition and knowledge.

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